Week 23::2023

By | June 13, 2023

Here’s last week’s happenings…
(June 5-11th, 2023)

So many lovely things growing in my little container garden…
Tomatoes on the way (hopefully!)

2023-06-05 12.19.51
Nasturtiums are really pretty right now.

2023-06-06 18.31.23
My sister keeps me updated with cute pics of my new niece. She is looking so little still, but oh so cute!

2023-06-06 12.29.47
Time for my eye check and a new prescription

2023-06-07 15.08.05
Rob got home around dinner time. We ending up eating dinner at MK’s Asian because he didn’t have any Asian food while in Texas.

Alex had left Rob a little welcome home gift that he brought up from work.

2023-06-09 06.42.32
We went to a new animal safari type place that opened up recently in Auburn. Read my post about that>>>Visit to Choctafaula

After leaving Choctafaula, we went to Jim-n-Nick’s for lunch. Not our favorite place, but something different. Rob’s mom and step dad had never been. I had the brisket chili and salad.

2023-06-10 13.58.46
Rob and I visited church #2 – Cornerstone. We have a bunch of friends there, so it was nice to see several familiar faces and have people waiting to sit with us.
2023-06-11 09.22.34

With Alex working at a different place now, he works brunch on Sundays, so he is off on Sunday evenings. We enjoyed hanging out with him and Audrey. Caught up on America’s Got Talent.

Good week! How was yours?

4 thoughts on “Week 23::2023

  1. Joanne

    Aw, your new baby niece is adorable!! I feel inspired to go take my camera out to the garden and see how my flowers are doing.

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