Monthly Digest::6.2024

By | July 2, 2024

June 2024 Collage - Memories of the Month - Here's a great idea for wrapping up the month with a set of questions to remember how your last month with.  I love going back and reading through what happened throughout the years.


Here’s my weekly posts to catch you up.
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Loving my air fryer again. I feel like when you get small appliances like an air fryer, you go through phases of using it. It gets put away and you just kind of forget about it. I started using again for pork chops and that has just rejuvenated my love for it.

Happy that I’m finally seeing some fruiting from the garden.

Excited to get some stuff accomplished (haircut, eye appointment)

Reminiscing about Drew’s graduation trip in 2016. Such a epic trip starting in San Fran, CA and flying out of Portland, OR.


Social We went to the party for our former pastor, which was nice to see some folk

Work Memories Had to let a student go. Only my 2nd time to have to do this.

Lesson Learned When a someone is late to an interview, no matter how good they interview, don’t hire them!!

Current Project I haven’t had much going on as far as projects. My main goal in life for the 9 months is continuing to get stronger with my left arm.

Drew and I have been having some great conversations during out monthly lunches, just me and him.

Alex graces us with his presence on occasion.

2024-06-08 13.18.43

Rob worked a Chrysalis flight (teenage Christian retreat).

Most remembered dinner and trivia at Drew and Caitlyn’s for Father’s Day.

Wearing these dry fit shirts from Amazon our great for this ridiculous heat!

This Weekend I’m hoping to get Alex’s room ready for him to move back home for about a week in August.

Looking Forward to Next Month In July, we’ve got our trip to San Fran!


Eating Lots of meals made in air fryer. Put veggies on bottom and let them get a head start. Then, add meat on top rack and cook. So easy and fast. Great for when cooking for 1 or 2 people!

Chicken and veggies with “Everything Bagel Seasoning” and sweet potato fries

2024-06-27 17.58.07


Click TV below to see what I’ve been watching and listening to lately.

Watching & Listening Post

Favorite Pic

2024-06-22 21.18.15

Look back at last month.


Linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What’s Up Wednesday.

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One thought on “Monthly Digest::6.2024

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Our kitties are posing a lot like that right now. Do you think it is cooler for them? I know you guys have crazy humidity and we have crazy hot temps. Poor kitties.
    I wish I had gotten a 2-layer air fryer. I can only put small amounts into ours. So it is slow going to try to repair a whole meal. Your dinner looks healthy and delicious.
    Glad you and your son are enjoying one-on-one lunches now and then. It is nice to be able to give one child or in my case, grandchild, your complete attention. Life is so hectic when we are all together.
    I used to be that ‘fashionably’ late person but any more I am slightly early for things. Of course, I am not trying to get kids out the door with me, and feed and walk dogs, and clean after everyone all the way out the door. Sorry that person didn’t work out. Lesson learned – for everyone.


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