2024::June 10-16

By | June 18, 2024


+ I love these Nasturiums.

+ Saturday late afternoon, we went over to Drew and Caitlyn’s house for an early Father’s Day dinner. Here’s Drew outside grilling.

+ My dinner that night…yummy!

+ They gave Rob a sports trivia game, which we played after dinner. Fun times!!

+ Sunday, Drew and Caitlyn came over to help prep Father’s Day dinner for Rob’s step-dad AKA Grandpa. Here’s Drew putting the charcuterie board together.

+ Final product!!

+ Fried shrimp, hush puppies, and fries for Father’s Day.

I didn’t get any pics of the 2 dad’s that day, but regardless, we had a great day. Great day of fellowship, everyone chipping in to help, good food!

One thought on “2024::June 10-16

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    That is one incredible charcuterie board. We were on a real charcuterie kick for a while. But haven’t had one in several months. And that steak dinner caught my breath. My brother was married this weekend and they served a delicious steak and salmon dinner. The meat just melted in my mouth. Your steak looks every bit as good.


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