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Recently I Shazamed a song on the radio the other day. It’s Beautiful Things by Benson Boone and now I’m obsessed with this song and actually his work in general.

Happy to be making progress with my shoulder.

Excited No more sling as of the 15th of this month.

Disappointments Auburn baseball didn’t make it to post season.

Reminiscing about our traditions of Memorial Day weekend at Lake Martin.

Social Two social events we attended were a grad party and Memorial Day weekend.

Work Memories many rounds of hiring and training for summer semester.

Lesson Learned this is actually a lesson I learned from April. I’m being totally snarky here. Picking out the perfect sink for your remodel can be more important than a family relationship! OUCH! I may or may not give this more context later.

Current Project just working to get caught up on all my blog posts. Getting there!!

Drew and I enjoyed much needed discussion over lunch together. Love having grown kids.

Alex brought my mother-in-law and me desserts for Mother’s Day. So sweet…literally!

Rob is having issues with his right elbow really hurting. We’re just falling apart over here.

Most remembered Memorial Day at the lake. (still need to write that post)

2024-05-26 14.58.37

This Weekend is actually Father’s Day so we’ll be celebrating that.

Looking Forward to Next Month In June, I don’t have a lot going on out of the ordinary. I’m looking forward to having all my student workers trained and good to go.


Eating lots of salads with sheet pan meals or soup.

2024-05-02 19.41.37

Favorite This smoked porkloin that our friend made was amazing!

2024-05-05 20.00.24


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Favorite Pic

2024-05-02 15.59.56

Look back at last month.


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  1. Laura

    I love that song too! It’s such a good one! Glad you are done with the sling as of today!


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