Memorial Day 2024

By | July 3, 2024

This year we were able to continue to tradition of Memorial Day Weekend at the lake. Here’s a few highlights and lots of pics…

Rob and I got to the lake Friday and everyone else was at Niffer’s at the Lake for dinner. We had learned that Drew and Caitlyn had set up their new tent and would have room for Rob to stay in there with them. I was going be sleeping in the house this time because of my shoulder.

We got all of our stuff unpacked. Mind you, I still can’t do much with my left arm, so Rob did most everything. After we got settled in a bit, we went to Burrito Corner for dinner.

That night when we got back Rob got more set up for the weekend. We hung out by the fire and chatted with everyone.

Caitlyn sent me this pic 1st thing.

2024-05-25 06.55.19


2024-05-25 08.28.45

Drew and Caitlyn brought their cornhole game. Always a hit!

2024-05-25 09.47.33

Kayleigh loved being out there with us!

2024-05-25 15.15.43

I spent a lot of time that weekend, thinking back through the years. We have come from our little kids out here, playing in the field, jumping off the dock, and just hanging out to now these grown adults and their wives/girlfriends out here all together doing the same things! It’s pretty weird, but I love when things align and everyone can gather again.

2024-05-25 16.30.40

2024-05-25 12.05.59

Glad this guy came to hang out
2024-05-25 18.28.26

2024-05-25 18.37.03

2024-05-25 16.32.02

2024-05-25 20.26.32


2024-05-26 08.12.21

Alex and Madison came for the day

2024-05-26 14.58.38

2024-05-26 11.03.06

Lots of time in the water. I couldn’t get in because of my shoulder, but I enjoyed watching them.

2024-05-26 15.05.51

2024-05-26 15.10.44

2024-05-26 18.45.07

2024-05-25 14.18.04

2024-05-26 18.45.11

The weekend ended for many of us with smores and fireworks on Sunday evening. Some of the group often packs up late Sunday to head back home so we can recover at home on Monday.

2024-05-26 20.33.59

2024-05-26 20.50.30

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