2010 Blog Review

By | December 30, 2010

I did this blog review in the past and here’s what you do….Post the first sentence of the first post of each month.

I have a box of old T-shirts that the boys have grown out of that I just couldn’t bare to throw or give away.

I’ve had this post about half way done for awhile and am finally making myself finish. (post is gone)

My last week at the library I saw this book, flipped through it, and decided to check it out.

Universal Pictures’s *big* summer release is hitting theaters July 9, 2010, Despicable Me starring the voice talent of Steve Carell, Miranda Cosgrove, Jason Segel and Russell Brand.

June 5, 2003: Thursday

While writing the FAQ page, I realized that before I started cruising a lot of the cruise jargon were words I didn’t know. You may find this helpful when reading my entries about cruising.

Tuesday night the week before 4th of July, Rob was talking with his brother about finding something “fun” to do over the weekend.

This cruise was planned a little while after we found out we were expecting our 2nd child.

I always have good intentions of blogging at least once a week, but life has really gotten busy since my last post.

So last week was my 35th birthday.

Rob and I DVR everything.

The weekend before Thanksgiving, we headed up to Greenville, SC for the final soccer tourney of this half of the season for Drew.

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