2009 Blog Review

By | December 31, 2009

I was reminded by Lisanne (blog removed) of a post I did back in 2006 at New Years and decided to do the post again for 2009. Post the first sentence of the first post of each month. I did mine with the first post that wasn’t a recipe or I heart faces post.

It seems that nearly every blog I read today shows people having fun in the snow.

Be sure to check out I ♥ Faces to see all the other beautiful faces that have been entered into the contest!

We woke up to beautiful blankets of snow today.

Here’s another creation that I finished the other day.

Last weekend we were in Peachtree City for a soccer tournament.

Saturday my sis-in-law, Maria, graduated from SCAD Atlanta.

Last week Drew spent his first week at camp.

This week over at I Heart Faces our challenge is to share your story of summer through pictures.

I just think it is awesome that there are FREE applications for iPhones & iPods.

Last weekend we went to Gulfport, MS for a soccer tourney.

Here’s a pic of the boys on our Trick or Treating night, which was moved to Thursday due to football. Yah, Football reigns here, so much they move Halloween to a school night!

This weekend has been fashioned from traditions that we’ve started, enjoying each others company, searching for a tree, cutting it down at Lakeside Tree Farm.

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