My attempt at a purse…

By | April 1, 2009

Here’s another creation that I finished the other day. I took some old jeans from the kids and cut them straight across a couple inches from the crotch (couldn’t think of another word, sorry). Turned the jeans inside out and sewed the bottom together. Then, I took the red/white gingham clothe and cut it to fit inside the jeans. Those two piece were put insides facing each other and sewed them together. Since I had these handles from another purse that I have, I measured to see where the handle loops need to go. From there, I folded down the top seams* and the sewed the lining on the top of the jeans leaving gaps where the handle loops will go. I sewed those in and put the handle in to make sure they were ok. Next, I took the ribbon and put it through the belt loops. I tied the simple little bow. All done! I’m going to make some more of these and next time I’ll show step by step.

Jean purse

Jean purse

Jean purse

*Sorry I don’t know the correct sewing jargon!

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