Soccer Tourney 2009::Gulfport, MS

By | October 3, 2009

Last weekend we went to Gulfport, MS for a soccer tourney. We chose to stay at some condos across from the beach called Sienna on the Coast with some friends who have a son on the Drew’s team. We had a good time. Nice, clean, new condos with all the essentials. The beach is not really even worth calling a beach, but I did get some cool bird pics, which I’ll share later. We enjoyed cooking breakfast and eating lunch at the condo, not having to spend money of food. We did enjoy dinner with the team at Blow Fly Inn Restaurant after the 2nd game on Saturday. The highlight of the trip was that I got to see my little brother, who I haven’t seen in NINE years! The weekend ended with a win in the championship game, so it ended up being a great weekend all around.

Gulfport Trip for Soccer Tourney

Our Condo
Gulfport Trip for Soccer Tourney

Walking on the Pier
Gulfport Trip for Soccer Tourney

The first time we went to Gulfport was right after we found out I was pregnant with Alex. We went there in 2003 to see Weird Al Yankovic at the Grand Casino. Here’s a few pics from that trip. Things are very different from being wiped out from Katrina.

Gulf Port, Mississippi

Fun with Dad

Snappers Seafood Restaurant

The Beach

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