Feeling the Love at Camp

By | July 1, 2009

Last week Drew spent his first week at camp. He went away to Boy Scout Camp in North Carolina; Camp Daniel Boone. I always loved getting stuff while away at camp, so I had a lot of fun writing letters and packaging up little things to send him. Put a mark next to “Good Mom” deeds and helping the camp newbie feel the love at camp his first year! 🙂

On the packing list was of course a laundry bag. I found this in the $1 department at Target.

I also found camp postcards, stationary & envelopes, and stickers in the $1 section. The other stuff I picked up while I was there to send to him.

Here’s one of the postcards that was in the book of postcards that I sent to him. I tore out some other post cards to send with him a long with the camp stationary.

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