Congrats to Maria!

By | June 4, 2009

Picture courtesy of Savannah Now

Saturday my sis-in-law, Maria, graduated from SCAD Atlanta. It was a great commencement ceremony. Very inspiring! They had display screens and while we were waiting for the ceremony to start they displayed examples of work from a select few graduates. I’m a pretty artsy person and as they flipped through the different majors, there were several that I think would be awesome. Made me really wish I would have been exposed to more before deciding what to major in in college. Live and learn! Glenn Close gave the commencement speech, which was quite interesting. After the graduation, we headed over do Buckhead for dinner at Basil’s. It was a lovely night with family.

From there we headed up to north Alabama to visit a friend. I’ll post more about that later.

Maria @ SCAD Atlanta Graduation

Maria @ SCAD Atlanta Graduation

Maria @ SCAD Atlanta Graduation

More pics here.

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