YouTube Channel Favorites – Fall 2020

By | October 17, 2020

I promised a while back that I would write a post about my favorite YouTube channels that I’m currently watching. I don’t know if you’ve embraced YouTube yet. I know I only watched YouTube for how to videos until maybe 3 years ago. I go through phases where regular TV just gets old and YouTube always has something new and current about any topic you can imagine.

I enjoy YouTube channels of all sorts. My kids think I’m weird because some of the stuff I watch, but I really enjoy it. I think the main reason I like every channel I’m about to list is because I am constantly learning from them, whether it be gardening, traveling, photography, etc. I really enjoy the Vlog format, which is basically where you are following someone’s day or week through the lens of a video camera regardless of topic. Here’s what I’ve been watching lately organized by topic (sorta). By the way, I put how many subscribers and videos they’ve posted just because it will be fun to look back at these numbers and see how much they’ve grown years later.


Roots and Refuge Farm [390K subscribers – 718 Videos] – My all time favorite homesteading channel. It’s actually my all time favorite channel overall! Jess is so inspirational and joyous. Her love of life is so contagious. She and her husband, Miah, and their kids share their lives on their homestead.

I tried picking a favorite video and honestly I love all their videos. This one was fun:

Cosmopolitan Cornbread [16.6K subscribers – 805 Videos] – I’ve ‘known’ Constance through an Alabama blogging network we were in together. She’s one of the first you YouTube Vloggers I ever watched. She shares a lot of great recipes and projects around the house as well as things on the homestead. She also blogs >>>> Cosmopolitan Cornbread.

Again, hard to find a favorite, but this one was really good!

Whispering Willow Farm [6.03K subscribers – 58 Videos] – another great Homesteading family. Jill is just so darn cute!


Casey Neistat [12.2M subscribers – 1,058 Videos] has been on YouTube for years. His videos are so professional and he recently started vlogging everyday again. Here’s one of his more recent vlogs. Seamless video editing like you’re watching a professionally made movie!

Casey Neistat Classics [147K subscribers – 11 Videos] is a channel where Casey has put many of his old “classic” movies from when he made it ‘big’. Here’s the video that got him started.

The next 4 channels are from a set of twins, Monica and Shelby Church. I’ve been watching Monica for several years. I really prefer her and her videos over Shelby, but I’ve been watching Shelby’s channels a little more as of late. They’re just interesting people who used to travel a lot before COVID.
Monica Church [1.34M subscribers – 122 Videos] is a 20 something year old girl, who dropped out of college to pursue YouTube. She shares about her day to day life, with topics such as real estate, beauty tips, traveling, and fitness.

Millennial Life Crisis [377K subscribers – 392 Videos] This is Monica’s other channel with similar topics in more of a vlogging style.

Shelby Church [1.95M subscribers – 378 Videos] Shelby is a 23 year old, who lives in Los Angeles. She’s been a YouTuber for several years making lifestyle and technology videos.

Shelby Church Vlogs [145K subscribers – 353 Videos] This is Shelby’s other channel, where she vlogs about daily life in technology, driving her Tesla, and more.

Kaylah Stroup [2.33 K subscribers – 26 Videos] – I have read Kaylah’s blog (The Dainty Squid) for awhile now. She seems to be trying to do more vlogs now. Her and her hubby just bought a haunted mansion and she will be sharing their journey with that on youtube. Here’s a video of them metal detecting in their new yard:


The Endless Adventure [440K subscribers – 686 Videos] – Travel Vloggers, Eric & Allison, who have embraced COVID times by purchasing a Winnebago RV and are now renovating it. Here’s a recent video of them touring their own city.

Kara and Nate [1.82M subscribers – 746 Videos] – Travel Vloggers who I found a while back, but just couldn’t really get into their videos. Then, I noticed they bought a bought a converted van. I started watching that playlist>>>Van Life and got hooked. I binged this series last week and now am watching other random videos of theirs.
Here’s a video about their time quarantining right before they bought their van.


Peter McKinnon [5.06M subscribers – 459 Videos] – one of my all time favorite photography vloggers. His videos are just amazing. Great cinematography. Even if you’re not into photography, you’d probably still really enjoy his channel. His channel covers traveling to cool places, photography gear talks, and lots more.

So that pretty much sums up what I’ve been watching so far this fall. I’ll do another video in a couple months to update new stuff I’ve been watching. What is your favorite channel on YouTube?

8 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Favorites – Fall 2020

  1. Tanya

    Thanks for the recommendations. I’ve started following the homestead style accounts. I like you tube videos to have in the background while I’m cleaning or reading blogs. Have a great weekend!

    1. Lysha Post author

      Sure! Hope something I listed peaked your interest. I see you have a new entertainment post. I’m about to go check that out.

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