This last week was a busy week of working in the office, but still making the best of it. Here’s a run down of some of the fun…

Look at the baby Tabasco peppers! They are finally growing. Turns out they needed fertilizer. *eye roll* Hashtag First time gardener problems
2020-10-13 16.49.02-1

Kayleigh and Alex playing on the floor.

2020-10-15 18.41.05-1

Last week Rob and I watched the National League Championship Series with the Braves and Dodgers. Sometime Alex would come down and actually watch the game with us. He’s not a baseball fan, but I think he enjoys the playoffs a little more. Drew came over one night to watch with us. I enjoyed some red wine, which usually isn’t my thing. I prefer white, but this red wine is really sweet and yummy.

2020-10-15 20.38.31

Katniss hanging out next to the pumpkins

2020-10-16 07.00.47

Friday after work Rob and I went over to the Alabama Rural Ministries (ARM) Shack that is set up every year. The Executive Director and Founder of ARM lives in the shack for the week to raise money for substandard housing in Alabama. People come out and with Lisa. If you remember, Drew is working as a communications intern for ARM. He arranged to have Aubie come out to get more attention to the shack. People love Aubie. I believe they got a few donations because of Aubie that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Good job!

2020-10-16 16.56.54

Earlier in the week Drew got to hang out at the shack with Auburn’s mayor, Ron Anders.

2020-10-15 18.18.16
Picture source: https://www.instagram.com/alabamaruralministry/

Last week was my week to work in the office and I this sign was on the walkway as I walked in. We’re having problems with students not keeping their masks on in the library.

2020-10-12 07.11.49-1

Saturday, I finally got outside to work on the garden. This is a before shot. I forgot to take an after shot, but I’m also not completely done. I pulled out all the tomato plants, even though there was some new growth on them. Decided I needed the space for all the winter starts.

2020-10-17 12.41.51 HDR

Friday I got a call from my doctor who did the Endoscopy to let me know the biopsy came back negative for cancer! Yay! As I said before I wasn’t worried. Thankful for that!

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