YouTube Channel Favorites – Winter/Spring 2021

By | June 18, 2021

Its time to do another round of what I’ve been watching on YouTube. I shared my YouTube Channel Favorites for Fall 2020.

Many of these are the same channels that I watched back in the fall, but I’ve included a new favorite video that’s been posted this spring as well as updated their subscribers and number of videos.


Roots and Refuge Farm [461K subscribers – 876 Videos] – This is still my all time favorite homesteading channel and overall channel. They are moving from Central Arkansas to South Carolina from 7 acres to 27 acres. Here’s where they announce it all!

Whispering Willow Farm [40K subscribers – 183 Videos] – Jill and Nathan are making a big move in a couple months. If you watched the above video, you’ll know more about that! Or just watch the video below.

Cosmopolitan Cornbread [19.6K subscribers – 928 Videos] – She’s recently gotten some new animals on the homestead as well as a greenhouse! She shares cooking tip, canning videos, and lots more.

Some others I watch periodically:
Arms Family Homestead [550K subscribers – 979 Videos]
Epic Homesteading [70.5K subscribers – 40 Videos]
Epic Gardening [1.31M subscribers – 321 videos]
Jill Winger – The Homestead Mentor [168K subscribers – 116 Videos]


Moriah Robinson [48.1K subscribers – 249 Videos] – Moriah shares tons of videos from her closet, where she shows all her favorite fashions, makeup, home stuff, and more from Amazon, Walmart, Target, and etc.

Sam and Moriah Vlogs [3.11K subscribers – 182 Videos] – Same girl as above. This is her and her hubby’s vlog channel.

Monica Church [1.34M subscribers – 139 Videos] Monica used to vlog and put those up on her channel Millineal Life Crisis. However over the last year, she got her real estate license and is not making vlogging her main focus. She decided to only post videos on her main channel (listed above.) Here’s a video she recently shared on her Palm Springs home kitchen renovation.

Shelby Church [1.66M subscribers – 402 Videos] Shelby is Monica’s twin sister. She vlogs about her life living in LA. She also has a vlog channel –> Shelby Church Vlogs [168K subscribers – 435 Videos]

The Wads [285K subscribers – 1,090 Videos] – Kim posts lots of store hauls which I always enjoy. She also vlogs from her house and shows her cooking and cleaning. She’s pretty funny and she always brightens my day!

A few others I watch on occasion:
Kiki Chanel [318K subscribers – 372 videos]
But First, Coffee [650K subscribers – 292 Videos]


The Endless Adventure [440K subscribers – 686 Videos] – Eric and Allison are about to finish up renovating their Winnebago RV and will soon be traveling in it. They have been taking breaks from the renovations to do some traveling.

Kara and Nate [2.31M subscribers – 785 Videos] – Kara and Nate have been living in a converted Sprinter Van this last year. Now they are traveling to the last of their 50 states covering some really cool places.

Some other honorable mentions that I enjoy:
Adventures of A+K [57K subscribers – 168 Videos]
Through My Lens [110K subscribers – 51 Videos]
California Through My Lens [188K subscribers – 347 Videos]

Thru Hikers

Homemade Wanderlust [362K subscribers – 452 Videos] – Jessica (trail name Dixie) is a thru hiker, meaning she hikes long trails within a 6ish month span. She’s from my neck of the woods and is also an Auburn University graduate who worked in the corporate world for a few years and gave it all up to be a thru hiker/YouTuber.

She is one of the very first YouTubers I started watching religiously. At the time, she was hiking the PCT. She is a Triple Crowner in the Hiking World which means she has hiked the three major U.S. long-distance hiking trails (Appalachian Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, and Continental Divide Trail). She recently hiked the Florida Trail and the video below is the first video of that series.

JeniferJourneys [1.3K subscribers – 47 Videos] – I recently found this channel as Jenifer hikes the CDT.

I’ve also been enjoying
Fish Tank Treks [1.93K subscribers 258 videos]

A Few other random channel favorites

Daily Dose Of Internet [11.9M subscribers – 275 Videos] – Collection of videos from all over the internet.

Vlog Creations [2.73M subscribers – 301 Videos] – Crazy shenanigans. This is a channel Alex really enjoys and the more I watch, the more I enjoy it.

What is your favorite YouTube channel?

3 thoughts on “YouTube Channel Favorites – Winter/Spring 2021

  1. Missy

    Oooooh I’m always looking for new channels! I’m definitely subscribing to these! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Tanya

    Thanks for all the recommendations! I can’t wait to check them out. I’m always looking for new you tube channels. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Joanne

    I don’t really watch much on YouTube but I have started using random workout videos here and there to switch things up.


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