Winter Recipe Bucket List

By | January 21, 2021

Fall Food Bucket List

Hey yall! Well we’re already a month into Winter and here I am just now posting some lists for Winter. That’s ok. We still have about 2 months left of winter. Today I’m going to recap a few things I made from my Fall Food Bucket List and then list off recipes/foods to try during Winter!

Fall Food List Recap

I had a lot of lofty goals when I made my Fall Food List! Here’s the few things that I did make with links for anything that I have posted about.

Fall Food Bucket List

Apple Walnut Oatmeal Muffins

— I tried these Air Fryer Bloomin’ Apples. I wasn’t a huge fan of these. I didn’t have time to attempt this recipe again, but maybe next fall.



— I got my Granny’s Pumpkin Bread recipe from my sister and made this pumpkin bread twice! However, I’m realizing I never posted the recipe. So yet another reason why I’m glad I’m writing this post so that I can figure out another post I need to write and share.


— After making the Pumpkin Bread, I had about a half a can of pumpkin puree left over which I didn’t want to waste, especially because it was so hard to find last fall. I made some Chocolate Chip Pumpkin cookies. I can’t seem to remember, which recipe I used. I wasn’t a big fan of these.


— I made an Apple Pie with my niece, Abi, when I was over at their house when my new niece was being born. Abi googled a recipe.

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Winter Recipe Bucket List

Here’s some of Ingredients I want to include in some recipes:
Fresh Spinach
Zucchini/Squash – I got a spiralizer for Christmas so I want to try pasta dishes and substitute veggie noodles for regular pasta.

— I’ve made all sort of sheet pan recipes, but haven’t posted any of the recipes here yet. I know that’s been a thing for years, but I’d like to make some and share. I found some great ideas here.

French Onion Chicken sounds really good.
I’ve already made Instant Pot Cheeseburger Mac & Cheese a couple times this year already, but I’m tweaking Chungah’s recipe and plan to share it here eventually.

— Back in December when we were in Florida for a few days we stopped at a Chili’s for dinner. They were doing a great job of wearing masks and spacing people out unlike other restaurants we had stopped at. Anyway, I had the their Southwest Chicken Soup and it was amazing! I want to recreate it at home.

I thought since I only accomplished very few out of the very long list for Fall, I would keep my Winter list shorter. What is on your food list for this winter?

Linking up with Leslie today! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Winter Recipe Bucket List

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Thanks for linking up with me, sweets. I love my spiralized squash and zucchini. So good. When I fix PC pasta, I fix myself spiralized ‘pasta’ and then mix a little of the real thing in with my veggie pasta. So so yummy.

    Yes, we need your grandmother’s pumpkin bread recipe. I have one my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher used to have the kids make pumpkin bread for their mommies. It is very good but would welcome an alternative.

    The apple walnut muffins look scrumptious. Did you like them? Would like to try a crockpot apple but will wait til you find a recipe that is failproof!!

    1. Lysha Post author

      The apple walnut muffins are some of my favorites. I really need to get that pumpkin bread recipe up soon. I think I’m going to make the veggie pasta tonight.

  2. Christie Hawkes

    Hello Lysha! It’s nice to have you join our bucket list link-up. What a fun idea to have a food bucket list. That apple pie was a work of art! I’m going to try 60 new things before I turn 60 in October. I think trying a new recipe should definitely be one of those things. Happy winter and good luck with your bucket list!

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