There are few things more enjoyable in life than a morning cup of coffee. Waking up while the world is still asleep and sitting in peace with a hot mug of your favorite blend. Perhaps while reading a good book or browsing the news headlines. It sets you up perfectly for the day and makes you feel energized and ready to go. We all need a morning ritual, but if you follow the same patterns time and time again, it’s easy to get bored of your routine.

5 Ways to Liven Up Your Morning Coffee

There are lots of ways to spice up your morning ritual. You could go for a run, do some yoga, or start the day with a hot bath. But one easy method for adding a bit of variety is to liven up your coffee.

No, this doesn’t mean adding a shot of whiskey, as that’s probably not going to help you be productive at work. However, there are several small changes you can make to your morning coffee that will make it more delicious and exciting. Here are five options to try.

Choose a better bean
Some people like to say that any coffee is good coffee, but that’s just not true. There is an enormous spectrum of quality, and it can be difficult to sort the delicious from the undrinkable. The bean itself is the main contributor to taste, and it’s worth doing some research into the different options available to you. Some people prefer darker roasts, while others like a sweeter blend, and it will be trial and error to find one you love.

Experiment with sweeteners
If you have a sweet tooth, you most likely put sugar or artificial sweetener into your coffee, but there are so many other ways of brightening up your brew. Try natural sweeteners like a splash of maple syrup or squeezing honey sticks into your cup. These options are healthier, all-natural, and will give your coffee a brand new flavor.

Make store-quality coffees
Making coffee at home is simple. Just add hot water to coffee and leave it to brew. But there is a whole world of variety when it comes to hot drinks, and it doesn’t take much additional effort to learn how to make Starbucks-quality beverages. If you prefer flavored drinks, there are countless different syrups available to buy, and all you need to prepare a latte is a milk foamer.

Spice it up
You might think spice and coffee shouldn’t mix, but if done right it can add a whole new level of flavor to your drink. A pinch of cinnamon or powdered ginger will give your brew a festive, wintery aroma, while a little chili can elevate it with a mouthwatering punch. Many coffee drinkers swear by cardamom, nutmeg, or even black pepper.

Swap out the milk
There are so many alternatives to milk out there that it can be difficult to know which ones to choose. Liven up your coffee by switching out your usual dairy for almond, oat, tiger, soy, or cashew milk. Or, for added richness, opt for a splash of cream instead.