What’s Up Wednesday ~ May 2020

By | May 27, 2020

Today I’m linking up with Shay and Sheaffer for What’s Up Wednesday.

What's Up Wednesday - February 2020
What We’re Eating
Monday for Memorial Day we had ribs that we prepared and cooked ourselves. They turned out so good! Last Friday night, Drew cooked us dinner. We had Kabobs that were to die for with mac & cheese and baked beans. He’s quite the grillmaster!

What I’m Reminiscing About
I know this is what I said last month, but with summer upon us and the trips we should be about to go on, I’m reminiscing about our past vacays.

Road trips to visit family in Baton Rouge along with day trips to New Orleans.Long Weekend in Louisiana

And our while it’s not the Christmas season, I’m still loving NYC and wishing we were headed back there in June like were going to be before all this COVID mess.
Long Weekend in Louisiana

What I’m Loving
I am savoring every day of working from home and being able to wake up at 6:55am to be at work by 7:00am. Just throwing on shorts and t-shirt. Not worrying about putting my contacts in or putting make up on. Look for a post soon about everything I’ve been loving about this ‘quarantine’ period.

What We’ve Been Up To
Over the Memorial Day weekend, we relaxed and did stuff around the house. Rob’s brother came over Saturday evening and we went to Draft House for dinner. He also brought over the chainsaw and pole saw so we could get rid of a huge privet tree. Rob and I went to Lowe’s for a blower. We also finally got tables for our patio area. I haven’t gotten a picture of that yet, but will post that as soon as it quits raining!

Here is a before and after shot of the tree we cut down. It’s a weed tree you may be familiar with called Privet. We normally cut down Privet before it gets this big, but this one just grew so fast. Our plans now are to get rid of the stump and do something prettier in this area.

What I’m Dreading
I’m not dreading much right now.

What I’m Working On
I’m working on finishing up my Mountain West Trip posts. I’m only about half way done. I have a very lofty goal set for myself of when I would like to finish. So we will see! If you’d like to check those posts out, just the picture below.
Mountain West Trip

What I’m Excited About
I’m excited about the baby tomatoes that are growing in my little container garden. I have done a bad job of sharing all of my garden adventures with you. I think that needs to be a post I write soon!

This is a pic I took Monday, May 18th, so it is a little bit bigger now.

2020-05-18 17.06.34-1
What I’m Watching/Reading
As always, I’ll list what I’m watching/reading/listening to in my Memories of the Month post that will be up on the last day of the month if all goes as planned!

What I’m Wearing
Shorts & T-shirts

What I’m Doing This Weekend
Hmm…Not sure what we’re doing this weekend. It really depends on the weather. If it’s not too hot outside (which I doubt will be the case) Rob and I and maybe Drew will sit outside on our new furniture like oak butcher blocks and listen to music and chat. We need to clean up our front flower bed that is completely overgrown and out of control, as well as some other small projects in the backyard.

What I’m Looking Forward To Next Month
I got word yesterday that it’s looking like June will be my last month of working from home majoritarily. Since March I have worked from home Mon-Fri except for going into the office every 7th business day. It’s looking like the university will open all buildings on June 28th. That’s not set in stone, but it’s sounding like it will happen. So like I said earlier, I’m going to savor every day that I’m able to work from home.

What Else is New
Let’s see. Kayleigh gets her stitches out today! She got spayed last week, so she’s been on restriction as far as activity. She’s been sporting this collar instead of the normal cone of shame. I highly recommend this kind if you have a pet that needs to not lick themselves. She can eat, drink, and doesn’t have her peripheral vision blocked, unlike the normal cone.


In case you missed last month…April’s What’s Up Wednesday

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  1. joanne

    I have been reminiscing about all our vacations too by this point we would have gone on two this year– Disney and a weekend getaway for my husband and I. I can’t wait to read more about your trip.

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