Week 44 [2021]

By | November 8, 2021

Happy November! Just 2 full weeks until Thanksgiving week! Do you have your turkey yet?

The Braves won the World Series! So exciting! We had really hoped they’d win Sunday night when they were still home, but they ended up losing that game and then having to fly back to Houston.

2021-11-02 22.33.51

One day I was backing out about to head to work and noticed Alex had a flat tire.

2021-11-03 06.49.41

Katniss kept Alex’s bed warm one evening when he was hanging out with a friend.

2021-11-04 16.08.31

Thursday Rob and I went out with some coworkers of his at Amsterdam. I got the fried chicken and mac ‘n cheese with collards. So delish!

2021-11-04 19.04.53

Rob had the pork chop, which he wasn’t a huge fan of unfortunately.

2021-11-04 19.04.56

Saturday, even though I was fighting a sinus infection, I woke up and decided I was ready to get the kitchen wall area finished. I’ve mentioned several times that I’m tired of this not being done. Rob and I went and got the paint that I finally decided on the paint color as well as the stuff for the shelves. I mustered up enough energy to tape off the wall and get the first coat on. Here’s the colors before. The really dark color was not ever in the running. The store mixed the wrong color and I didn’t realize it till I had already slapped some on the wall. Thank goodness for color sample containers!

2021-10-31 08.57.31

Sunday we celebrated my niece’s 1st birthday. Unicorns and rainbows!

2021-11-08 03.26.57-3

2021-11-08 10.27.37

2021-11-07 13.50.05

2021-11-07 13.23.42

3 thoughts on “Week 44 [2021]

  1. Joanne

    When you put it that way I’m kind of kicking myself for not buying my turkey this weekend! Time is just flying by.

    What an adorable little birthday girl!

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