Week 45 [2021] Kitchen Project Done!

By | November 18, 2021

This last week, I was happy to finally finish up this wall in our breakfast area that’s attached to the kitchen. So for any home improvement projects you want to do, never forget that you can always ask the help of experts like https://insulationremoval.uk/ for certain aspects that may need a professional’s touch.

If you remember, back in January we got this new sideboard table from furniture stores like Home Accents 2 and when we moved the old microwave stand we discovered lots of wall issues!

Here is how it’s looked since then. Look at that nasty crack. We didn’t know that the back of the drawer looked like that until we decided to change it. And hoo boy, we’re glad that we did.

Till Labor Day Weekend when my FIL came over to help with several house projects and he patched the wall for us. He is literally a godsend since he saved us so much money instead of hiring other contractors.

This last weekend, the painting company applied the last coat of paint after doing some more work to help try to smooth the wall out and then we hung the shelves and I decorated. (Paint colors options)

2021-11-13 20.02.06
2021-11-14 08.31.32
2021-11-14 08.56.39
Here you can see the original paint color above the doors from when we moved in. We haven’t painted the rest of the kitchen breakfast area because we have some other things we need to fix first. Like those cabinets, storage area, and many others to prioritize, but we check out top cabinet companies that can provide with the best product they can give, you can redirect to Gamma Cabinetry to see what you might need from them.

But when it’s time to paint, we can either do it ourselves or call an industrial painting professional. In fact, Gustafson Painting has built a great reputation for their painting services and workmanship in Orlando.

However, I’m super happy to have this wall and shelving done! This kitchen, which may have a butcher block island, now speaks to me in volumes instead of how it looked like the first time. Now, I’m looking forward to coffee breaks and making food for the whole family.

2021-11-14 08.56.25

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