Week 4::2023

By | January 31, 2023

Hey yall! Here’s my (Jan. 23-30, 2023) highlights…

Monday, Rob and I took a day to go to Montgomery to see my Fibromaylgia doctor. He was so happy with my how my health journey has gone since the last visit. Exercise, less sugar, less gluten, less carbs, which you could also learn on sites like Xcellent Life. He told me to go tell all my friends that this is key to being healthy not meds. He had them draw blood to check electrolytes and a couple other things.

2023-01-23 10.41.37
After my appointment we went to brunch at the Bubbly Hen

2023-01-23 11.08.23
I got the 3 meat Fritata with asparagus.

2023-01-23 11.26.02
Rob got the PawPaw plate.

2023-01-23 11.25.57
After that we decided to wander around Montgomery. We went over to the Riverfront and walked around.

2023-01-23 14.37.10
2023-01-23 13.26.14
That evening we went to Vintage 2298 for Drew’s birthday.

2023-01-23 20.33.01-1
2023-01-23 20.43.41-1
I got the Red Snapper

2023-01-23 19.54.02
Drew got the Venison leg. All of it was top quality, amazing flavors. I would expect no less with the priciness of the place.

2023-01-23 19.54.30
Tuesday, Rob and I met up for lunch at Ponko Chicken. I feel like I’m talking all about food in this post. Haha!

2023-01-24 12.41.57
Tuesday night, Rob stayed home to get ready for the retreat while I went to our Bi-weekly gathering with friends. No pics of that except my taco salad. We all brought stuff for taco bar, which was fun.

2023-01-24 18.22.46
I’ve noticed on my walks lately that some of the trees and plants have bloomed early. This always happens where it warms up just long enough for stuff to bloom prematurely.

2023-01-25 16.31.50
Sunsets lately…have just been amazing.

2023-01-25 17.05.14
We’re starting to stock up on cokes for the wedding. Big Lots had them on sale last week, so I went everyday and got the maximum of 6. I’m using an app called Flipp to find the best deals.

I decorated for Valentine’s day.

2023-01-28 11.52.25
I don’t use my home office too much so it becomes the catch all room. However, it’s been driving me crazy to get cleaned up after Christmas. Here’s the embarrassing before.

2023-01-28 15.52.45
And the after…still needs work, but it’s better.

2023-01-28 16.37.31

4 thoughts on “Week 4::2023

  1. Natasha

    Okay, now I’m hungry and I NEVER get hungry this early in the morning 🙂 And way to go on your craft room — that looked like a big job.

  2. Joanne

    So many delicious food photos! Yay for a good report on your doctor’s visit– keep up the good work.

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