Week 3::2023

By | January 23, 2023

With last week (Jan. 16-22, 2023) starting off with a holiday on Monday, those weeks often are the slowest weeks ever. I was happy that it seemed more normal and didn’t drag and drag.

Our week started off with having the day off. Rob, Caitlyn, and I met at Amsterdam Cafe for our tasting. This where we’re having the rehearsal dinner. We’ve eaten there many times, but they offered this to help us determine what exactly we want to offer that night. We tried the salmon dip, fillet mignon, Rosemary fingerling potatoes, pork chop, and bread pudding.


The sky one day on my walk was so cool. Like be covered by a blanket of cotton.

2023-01-20 16.09.27

Rob and I had lunch with his sister and our niece to discuss wedding stuff. My niece was chowing on the fried pot stickers.

2023-01-18 12.47.11


2023-01-20 15.51.41

Food Truck Fridays in Opelika with my Empty Nester group. One of the Amy’s and I got our meal from this truck. A word about this event…It was cold Friday night, but there were still pretty long lines at a few of the trucks. The 2 trucks (Mr. Mori Hibachi Express and Las Latinas Food Trailer) our group went to were very popular and the wait to get your food was 15-20 minutes after you order. So it was fine for us because we kind of paired up and could stand there and talk while we waited for food.

2023-01-20 19.06.37

Las Latinas was amazing!

2023-01-20 19.15.34

Saturday morning I got up early to get ready for the Bridal Brunch for Caitlyn, my daughter-in-law to be.

2023-01-21 09.12.39

After the brunch, I came home and started cleaning and removing the labels from wine bottles. These are going to be part of the decor for the wedding.

2023-01-21 20.13.27

I love all the corgi things…even if they are super cheesy.

2023-01-21 07.52.32

So I think that pretty much covers all the highlights of the week. How was your week?

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  1. Joanne

    I don’t think I have ever eaten from a food truck that wasn’t parked inside a festival or fair. I am awful about waiting in lines too but it always easier to pass the time with friends.

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