Carnival Glory:Day 6:Cozumel

By | January 21, 2023
Read about our day in Cozumel, Mexico. Day 6 of our cruise on the Carnival Glory. Our go to spot in Cozumel is Mr. Sancho's Beach Resort. - A Camera & A Cookbook
Read about our day in Cozumel, Mexico. Day 6 of our cruise on the Carnival Glory. Our go to spot in Cozumel is Mr. Sancho's Beach Resort. - A Camera & A Cookbook

Today, we’re continuing to share about our Back 2 Back cruises. Day 6 was the last port of call day for that 1st cruise. We’ve been to Cozumel several times as its a popular port of call. We weren’t scheduled to be able to get off the ship until 10am. This has it’s pros and cons. Nice to sleep in a little bit. Bad because more people are up later and lines for breakfast and getting off ship can be longer.

We were able to get some breakfast at the buffet. We always try to have our stuff with us and not have to back to the cabin when we head to breakfast so that when we’re done eating we can just hang out until the make the announcement that we’re good to exit the ship.

On week long cruises, they do a towel animal take over on the Lido deck. It is quite a sight to see!

When we got off the ship, it was pretty quite at port. We walked pretty quickly, but stopped for a few pics. This was a beautiful shot of our ship.

We made our way to the taxis. It’s always so easy to grab a taxi in Cozumel and its a set price, which really nice that you don’t have to haggle. $17 one way to Mr. Sanchos. You will also feel safe because all of the taxis here have TRADEX insurance.7.15.2022--10.22.21

Mr. Sancho’s is a beach club that we found back in…. and find our way back there pretty much every time we stop in Cozumel. It is just a relaxing place with all you can eat food and drink for a great price.

Garlic butter Shrimp

Our view from our table for the day.

View of the beach from the water.

I think my only complaint about Mr. Sanchos is I wish they we would have a separate section for smokers. We had 2 different groups near us that smoked, so we ended up spending a good part of the day in the pool with the swim up bar.

Around 4:00 we needed to make our way back to port. We got a taxi and did some shopping back at port. I don’t recommend shopping at Mr. Sanchos unless you really like paying double or triple what you’ll pay even at port (which is often overpriced compared to if you walk into the city a little bit.)



That evening it was an elegant night, which means dressing up a little more for dinner.

Rob had:
Crab cake
New England Clam Chowder
Cesar Salad
Fillet Mignon
Grand Mariner Soufflé

I had:
Shrimp cocktail
Four season salad
Fillet Mignon
Carnival Melting Chocolate Cake

We enjoyed the Getaway Island Show.

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4 thoughts on “Carnival Glory:Day 6:Cozumel

  1. Laura Bambrick

    Yeah I don’t like being near people who smoke either. The smell just turns my stomach. It looks like you had so much fun otherwise though! The beach is amazing!

  2. Joanne

    I can’t stand being around people that smoke; the smell is just awful. That would have ruined the whole experience for me too.. but those views are incredible!

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  4. Leslie Susan Clingan

    Oh, how I long to go on a cruise. So jealous. Thank you for sharing pictures and advice from your experiences. I really, really want to make this happen. Gorgeous photos. You look very happy!!


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