By | June 23, 2005

This summer is flying by like it always does! I’ve been juggling time with my kids with trying to get stuff done for work! I just love people who say that teachers get off 3 months for summer and yada-yada-yada! I know that I only get 9 weeks off and 1 to 2 of those weeks, I’m usually in workshops all day! The rest of the summer I’m busy trying to make games, write lesson plans, look for activities, make study sheets, learn new curriculums, etc. etc!!!!

So I digress. Anyway the time is going by too fast. My life and my kids’ childhoods are flashing before my eyes! Ugh! It is just depressing! I’m just trying to enjoy the time this summer with my kids. Yes, it gets tiring and trying, but I still love the time with my kids. Next Thursday at this time we’ll be on our way to Mississippi. We’re going to spend the night there and go to the Mississippi Braves Minor League Team. Then, Friday we’ll be driving the rest of the way to Texas. We’ll be traveling around Texas and visiting my family and Rob’s dad until July 11th. I just sometimes I wish I could pause my life and take it all in a little more than I’m able to in real life. That may not make any since, sorry!

I’ll write more about summer later. In the mean time, what do you enjoy about summer? Please share! Oh and to all the “sick folks” out there, GET BETTER…NOW!! 😉

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