Conversations with a Bug

By | June 23, 2005

A-man went bug catching today. We keep getting these little black millipede/caterpillar like bugs in the house, but they die real fast. I guess because of the cool climate inside. Anyway, so he decided he wanted to get some of these. He made a contraption with 2 different size plastic lids. Here’s what he said to the bug:

“Hey little bug. I’ve trapped you in your new home. I don’t know if you’re gonna die. Momma says your gonna die if I keep you inside. I don’t really know if that’s true. I think you’re pretty cool. I think bugs are cool, don’t you?”

This one sided conversation went on for quite some time. It was just hilarious! Now he’s out there building a “fort” out of bricks for the bugs to live it! I might need to get a picture of that!

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