Omaha, Nebraska Trip::Part 4

By | August 3, 2022

Continuing on with another Omaha post.


After the loss Tuesday night, we had to determine how long we were going to take to get home, what route we were going to take, what cities we wanted to be sure to go through, etc!

Our plan for that day was to drive to Des Moine, IA, St. Louis, MO, and spend the night in Mt. Vernon, IL.

We pulled off to check out an old Danish Windmill in Elkhorn, IA. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a windmill like this in person and for sure, not this close up. There’s a little gift store and beautiful ground surrounding the windmill. Highly recommend a stop here!



As we headed towards to Des Moine, I googled food you must eat in Iowa. We didn’t have a ton of time, so we needed something fast. It worked out perfect that Maid Rite was on the list, because loose meat sandwiches from there are a must eat! The Maid Rite we stopped at was in a mall. Quick, decent lunch.



Rob and I want to visit all the state capitals and at least see the outside of all the capitols. So next our list was Des Moine, IA.



View of downtown from the Capitol


A couple hours after leaving Des Moine, we started seeing signs for the “American Gothic House,” which I had also seen on Atlas Obscura. We took the quick detour to it.


Why might this look familiar?


Next stop, St. Louis. We got there just in time to drive around The Hill (St. Louis’s Little Italy Community) and show Rob’s brother, Nick.


Then we had dinner reservations at Favazza’s. A must eat in St. Louis is the ‘T Rav’ which is toasted ravioli. I still need to write about our St. Louis trip from back in April, but I will say here that the T Rav at Charlie Gitto’s is 100xs better than it was a Favazzas.



After dinner, we went downtown, which you have to be super careful in downtown St. Louis at night, but it was the 3 of us and we were quite vigilant. Luckily, we had no issues. The arch and old capitol building are beautiful at night!




We left there and drove to sleeping spot, which was Mt. Vernon, IL.

More pics of this day>>>Wednesday pics

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