Omaha, Nebraska Trip::Part 3

By | August 2, 2022


Auburn had a 1 o’clock game, so we got up and headed downtown and walked to the team hotel for Tiger Walk.

In downtown Omaha they have an area called Pioneer Courage Park full of beautiful sculptures.




Here we are in our seats before the game started.


Auburn beat Stanford, which was so exciting. I was so happy for Rob that he finally got to an Auburn win at the CWS and that they lived to play another game.

After the game, I honestly don’t remember what we did after that…I’m thinking we went back and ate leftovers at the VRBO and just enjoyed being out of the dry heat. Travels like this exhaust me (thanks Fibromyalgia) so napping is always super helpful.


The next morning we packed up because we wedged our VRBO reservation between 2 existing ones for that place. We also weren’t sure how long we’d end up staying depending on how Auburn was playing. Randy and Pam loaded up and made their way back to Texas. We made our way over to Square Donuts.

Interesting story about this donut place. It used to be called D Squared donuts and they were located in Auburn. Best donuts…even better than Krispy Kreme. D Squared went up for sale back in 2018, I think. A mom of an Auburn college student ended up buying the company, but she’s located in Omaha, NE. We were so so sad these amazing donuts would not be in our town anymore, but we had found them on facebook. Luckily, Rob remembered they were in Nebraska somewhere and we ended up getting to go there Tuesday morning. They are now called Square Donuts.



Their cake donuts are not square.


Rob got a reservation at a hotel, so we went over there to check in before the next game. Then, we went and walked around at all the CWS souvenir and tshirt stuff.


Some crazy sunflare



We played Arkansas that evening. Several of our players had the flu and we just didn’t play well. It was a sad ending, but I’m still happy our team made it there again this year and at least won one game. If we can just keep improving each year, that’s all you can ask for.

That night after the game we went back over to the bridge to check it out at night.


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