Monthly Digest – May 2022

By | June 6, 2022

Monthly Digest - May 2022


Basically we’ve been party animals in May, and I’m exhausted! haha
Our good family friend’s son (who is also a good friend of our son, Drew) got married.
Alex graduated!
Drew bought a house and we threw him a housewarming party.

Loving that May is over! Ha!

Happy it’s summer.

Excited to hopefully be done with year end performance reviews in the next week. Writing these are tedious and a bit aggravating with the new form we have to use this year.

Dreading Alex possibly having his wisdom teeth out this month.

Reminiscing about our Drew’s epic graduation trip back in 2016. West Coast Road Trip Itinerary/Travel Booklet


Social Well obviously from the wedding and the parties we had tons of socializing.

Work Memories Can’t believe I’m in my 11 year at Auburn. They give the pin out after you’ve completed that year. It’s the longest I’ve ever worked at one place.

2022-06-02 10.20.01
Lesson Learned Don’t trust restaurant’s online ordering…We had ordered chicken fingers from Zaxby’s for Drew/Caitlyn’s party. When Alex and Papeire got there to pick it up there was a sign on the door that said they were closed for Memorial Day. Why didn’t their website reflect that? It took our $220. Rob called the next day to get our money back and they told us we had to come to the restaurant to sort this out. Talk about frustrating! Not sure we will be going there any time soon. They did refund our money, but had to waste time driving over there and talking with the manager.

Current Project catching up on blog posts. Story of my life in general 😉

Drew was in Joseph’s wedding.

2022-05-21 18.32.49
Alex is happy to have graduated. Many decisions are left for him to make, but it’s hard being 18 and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life.

Rob AU baseball and in general being a work horse for all the things going on!

Most remembered Weddings, Graduations, and Engagements, oh my!

Wearing I’m wearing this Navy Blue shirt with khaki ankle pants (similar) and these Clarks Laurieann Strap Clogs

This Weekend I’m staying at my sister in law’s to baby sit the 3 (out of her 6 kids) while her and her husband travel with the 3 older kids to LaX tournaments out of town.

Looking Forward to Next Month Well, in June it’s hopefully going to be a chill month. Honestly going to try and catch up on blog posts and getting my house back to normal. July we’re gone for half the month, so…yeah!


Really this month, we ate out a lot.

2022-05-11 14.48.41
Favorite We got a new restaurant called Ponko chicken. Really delish!

2022-05-13 18.03.32


I haven’t posted my entertainment entry yet. I’ll link that here once I get that done.

Favorite Pic (not already posted)

2022-05-21 17.59.40e

Look back at last month.


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4 thoughts on “Monthly Digest – May 2022

  1. Laura Bambrick

    That ponko chicken looks delicious! And don’t dread wisdom teeth removal! I remember it and besides being tired from being put out, it was not bad at all!

  2. Tanya

    I know how you feel with the busy May! I still feel like I’m catching up. So frustrating about Zaxby’s! We ordered sandwiches for Jack’s party, and I was a little paranoid about some problem coming up!

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