Monthly Digest – June 2022

By | June 30, 2022

Here we are again….another monthly digest. How was June for you? If I had to sum it up in one word I would says Sweaty! It is just so hot and humid.


Happenings Rob and I along with his brother Nick took a road trip to Omaha for the College World Series. Going through pics for that post now.

I babysat for 2 full weekends over at my sis-in-law’s house. Here I am with the youngest this past weekend.

2022-06-25 15.25.01

Loving all my new Apple Watch bands. I need to take some pics of the new ones. I’m kind of obsessed with these right now for some reason.

Happy to be leaving on a cruise soon.

Excited and a little stressed about all our travels this month.

Reminiscing about summers with the boys back when they were little and I had summers off because I was a teacher back then.

Centennial Olympic Park

Cub Scout trip to Mount Cheaha

Social Met with 2 other ladies for cookbook club.

Work Memories Getting Performance Reviews written and turned in for the 2 staff members, I supervise. Always a big deal to have that out of the way for the year.

Lesson Learned Just feeling dumber than ever with this dang Fibro brain fog.

Current Project packing for this weekend and helping Drew and Caitlyn plan their wedding, which is so stressful.

Drew and Caitlyn got moved in to their new house and are knee deep in wedding planning.

Alex cooked us breakfast one morning before we went to work.

2022-06-15 07.32.57

Rob and I have been spending a ton of time together.

Most remembered experiencing the College World Series.

Wearing Wearing my skorts a lot this summer.
Haha! This pictures is at a really strange angle, but when you’re at work don’t want to make it obvious you’re taking selfies 😉

2022-06-28 10.08.37

This Weekend This weekend we will be on our 4th of July trip with the fam!

Looking Forward to Next Month We’re going on a 4th of July trip, which is a family tradition. Rob and I are also going on a B2B cruise as well, so we’ll be gone over half the month. That’s going to be crazy.


Eating We had our first meal from food brought from Trader Joes. We got the frozen alfredo with grilled chicken. It was so yummy!




Probably won’t get a post out for what I’ve been watching and listening to until end of summer.

Favorite Pic Night pic of Bob Kerrey Pedestrian Bridge in Omaha, NE


Look back at last month.


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3 thoughts on “Monthly Digest – June 2022

  1. Tanya

    That burger looks delicious! Lots of travel for you this month. I didn’t know you used to be a teacher! Safe travels.

  2. Joanne

    What an exciting time; somehow I missed that you were going to be on 2 cruises in July! I hope you are having (did have?!) the best time and that all your luggage made it with you this time!!

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