Monthly Digest – July 2023

By | July 27, 2023


Here’s my weekly posts to catch you up.
Week 26
Week 27
Week 28 & 29 We were on our trip.
Week 30 is happening now. πŸ™‚

Loving just having down time at home. Work is super stressful right now, so I’m NOT loving that.

Happy we had a great trip to New Jersey/New York and the cruise.

Excited Meh! I’m honestly not excited about anything about it right now.

Reminiscing With us being in NYC part of our trip, I’ve been thinking a lot about our previous trip to NYC in 2019. We also went to New York in 2004 and since I don’t have a blog entry to link for that trip, here’s a pic from that trip. So young!

New York City

Social We met up with a friend in NYC and went to the Yankees game with him his family. We didn’t take any pics of us though πŸ™

Work Memories See below.

Lesson Learned I’m in the process of interviewing students for the fall. I’ve had 2 no shows…First time for that!

Current Project I’m not really working on anything. I’m just trying to make it day to day at this point.

Drew and Caitlyn officially joined the church they’ve been attending the last 2 years.

Alex and Madison went to Six Flags and had a blast. Other than that he’s just working 50+ hours a week. He’s getting ready to move out again next week to his new apartment.

Rob ended up sick after our trip, but I think he’s finally on the mend.

Most remembered our trip to NJ/NY. Can’t wait to share about it.

Wearing Rob has gotten where he only wears Dry-Fit shirts. He always says he can’t believe that I wear cotton t-shirts…With it being so hot, I have really not wanted do my daily walks, so I thought I’d look at Walmart for some Dry-Fit t-shirts and I found some as well as Dry-Fit shorts. So I got one of each and found that I do love them. They are so much cooler, so before our trip I got a couple more of both.

This Weekend No big plans for this weekend.

Looking Forward to Next Month In August, not sure what I’m looking forward to really. It’s the beginning of Fall semester.


Eating during a vacation is always a challenge especially on a cruise. I tried to stick with my low carb diet, but I didn’t skip dessert. haha! I mean it’s paid for on the cruise. I gained some (water) weight on vacation, but I’m back down now to what I was when we left so that’s good.

Favorite One night after Rob’s conference, one of the vendors he works with who we always enjoy hanging out with took us and some other folks out for dinner. This steak was so good! I also had a pineapple margarita that was absolutely delish!

2023-07-11 17.45.42

2023-07-11 17.40.20


Click TV below to see what I’ve been watching and listening to lately.

Watching & Listening Post

Here’s my YouTube post for June & July.

Favorite Pic I took 1,000s of pics on our trip and haven’t had a chance to go through them all, but I didn’t scroll through some of my phone pics and thought this one was really cool. Our ship with Statue of Liberty and NYC skyline in the backdrop.

2023-07-13 15.59.53

Look back at last month.


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  1. Joanne

    That is a neat photo with the statue of Liberty in the background! I have a few of those drifit shirts for hiking and I just love them.


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