Week 26::2023

By | July 7, 2023

Last week’s highlights (June 26th-July 2nd, 2023)…
It’s been a good week besides it being so dang hot.

Back to work. Beautiful day outside…

2023-06-26 06.59.14

My department had a little going away party for one of our staff members.

2023-06-29 15.08.27

Saturday was Lake Day with friends, so we got up and loaded the car and headed up. We made a stop for lunch at The Burritos Corner Mexican Grill. I got the Bistec a la Mexicana. Yummy!

2023-07-01 11.47.28

Such a beautiful day. Really hot, which made for a warm lake. Luckily cold pockets in the lake still showed up here and there, which was nice.

2023-07-01 14.36.42

These 2 cuties joined us later that afternoon.

2023-07-01 15.22.41

2023-07-01 18.50.27

Frying the fish!

2023-07-01 17.39.29


2023-07-01 18.50.27

Sunday we went to 2 church services. We attended church with Drew & Caitlyn.

2023-07-02 09.02.22

Since the service we attended with Drew was at 8:30am, we decided to go back to Trinity to visit. This time we went to the service in the sanctuary.

2023-07-02 10.31.16

That afternoon we had a wonderful visit like we always do after church.

3 thoughts on “Week 26::2023

  1. Leslie Susan Clingan

    My gosh that fish plate looks good. I love hushpuppies. Used to go to Long John Silver (or Captain D.’s) just to get hush puppies. Oh, my mouth is watering. Our neighbors when I was a little girl would invite us for fish fries and would put the fried fish into brown paper sacks to absorb the grease. Oh, I am getting so hungry.

    Sounds like you are continuing to look for your new church. Hope you find one. We have been away from church for about a month or maybe 6 weeks while PC has recovered from surgery. Hoping to go tomorrow.

  2. Joanne

    That fish fry does look yummy! We actually went in the lake this weekend for the first time this summer. We’ve had a pretty rainy summer so the lake it quite cool and refreshing while we have a mini little heat wave here.

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