Monthly Digest – February 2022

By | February 24, 2022


February has FLOWN by, especially because January was like an entire year. You can read my weekly summaries here:
Week 5 & 6
Week 7

Decided to try a different cup. I’ve been using several Auburn Tervis cups that I love, but they don’t keep ice for long. I also want to use a straw since I drink unsweet tea that is making my teeth less white. I got this Ello Beacon Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Tumbler. I ordered Senneny Set of 6 Straws straws separately and really like them as well.

2022-02-23 09.57.05

Happy to be finished hiring for this semester.

That I got my haircut yesterday! It wasn’t terribly long, but it just gets so so thick and the layers were all grown out.

I’m honestly trying to focus on the positives of life. Not thinking about this one.

I was actually dreading this last weekend, but I survived it. I just need to remember “This too shall pass.” That’s with most things in life we dread.

It’s the time of year. Just a couple weeks away from Spring Break and we’re usually getting ready to head down to Florida for fun in the sun and Baseball Spring Training.


We decided to take the year off from that for a couple reasons.
1. Baseball is in a lockout. Read about it here.
2. We’ve visited all the Florida Spring Training ballparks.

Got together with a couple friends for a night of pizza and salad and laughing and catching up. No photos were taken, but so much fun was had!

Work Memories
I’ve working the front desk more often because of student worker shortages.

Lesson Learned
I recently found a very insightful writer on Facebook called Whitney Fleming Writes. Whitney writes about raising teenagers and just really helped me to remember everything, especially raising kids is a process!

Whitney Fleming Writes

Current Project
Started my seeds last night. Ready for an exciting gardening season.

2022-02-23 18.41.24

Excited for Auburn Baseball.

Really enjoyed his last Winter Retreat with his best buds.


So excited for that Auburn baseball has started.

Most remembered
Seeing more of campus while on my walks has been really great.

2022-02-14 11.10.49

This is Haley Center, which is where the College of Education is housed. So this is where the majority of my classes were the last 2 years. It is known for it not being very pretty and the quadrants are confusing. Conquering the Haley Center Labyrinth. In the coming year, they should be starting on a new building to house the College of Education, which is exciting. I think the ultimate goal is to move the majority of everything out of Haley Center so they can tear it down or at least part of it.

This last week it has started getting a little warmer, so wearing less layers than in the beginning of the month.

This Weekend
Rob and Drew are excited about AU Baseball starting this week and this weekend is a home series.

Looking Forward to Next Month
Possible trip to Vegas at the end of the month??


We tried a new Mexican restaurant that’s just off the interstate called El Ranchero. It just alright. More expensive. Does have a larger menu than most places around here. Service wasn’t great. Margarita was super sweet.

Rob made steaks last weekend out on the grill. They were amazing. So delish!

Oh and I’ve been making tacos. Some nights I do chicken and sometime I do ground turkey. Finally mastered them and they are amazing!


Click TV below to see what I’ve been watching and listening to lately.

Watching & Listening Post

Favorite Pic Cute little chipmunk scurried across the brick pathway in front of my as I approached the door going into my building at work. However, he detoured up to the ledge where I snapped this shot of him.

2022-02-11 09.21.44

Look back at last month.


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  1. Joanne

    I love seeing all these glimpses of campus. I feel like the year is just flying right by. I hope you have a wonderful spring break.


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