Week 7 [2022]

By | February 22, 2022

Another year flying by and here we are talking about the 7th week of this year already. Is it me or is time flying by faster the older I get? Scary!

Last week started off with Valentine’s Day. Rob and I aren’t big into that holiday. We usually go out to eat around that day (not on that day because its crowded, restaurants have ‘special’ more expensive menus, etc).

Valentine’s Day this year, we ended up going to a Women’s basketball game and then we ate at Yummi Crab, which was delicious. We got a pound of shrimp (which comes with a potato and a corn) – cajun flavored – medium heat. We added another potato and corn with forth of a pound of sausage. Really good. Not too spicy, but got spicier as the more we ate.

2022-02-22 09.23.51
This past weekend I took down all the Valentine’s decor. I’d like to get a few Mardi Gras things to hold us over till March for St. Patty’s Day.

2022-02-19 10.25.47
2022-02-19 10.24.33
I think I’ve mentioned trying to just move more and each day I try to get out and take a walk on campus for 20-25 minutes. One day last week, I walked over to Caitlyn’s office. Miss Academic Advisor! So excited for her. She’s loving her new job and starting to meet with students on her own now.

2022-02-15 09.29.23
Look at the new growth.

2022-02-11 22.11.06
How darn cute is Buster? Alex made a joke about him looking like Palpatine (Star Wars) with the way he had the blanket draped over his head.

2022-02-19 12.59.45
Meanwhile Drew got some super cute pics of Bigsby in our backyard.

2022-02-19 15.32.02
Sunday we went to a wedding of an friend of Drew’s growing up.

2022-02-20 17.22.29-1e
2022-02-20 17.22.37e
2022-02-20 17.12.46
2022-02-20 18.26.44

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