This is a post I wrote on FB the morning I found out my Granny’s house had been listed for sale. I knew it was coming, so it wasn’t a complete shock. Granny is my Mom’s mom who passed away in 2015.

My Granny’s house is for sale in North Richland Hills, TX. I’d love for a sweet family to make this their home and make wonderful memories like I did growing up.


As I looked through the pictures of this empty house, memories flood my brain. All the banana nut bread, chicken and dumplin’s, and the good things that Granny made in that kitchen.


All the Christmases with cookie tins stacked up on the hutch full of chocolate covered peanut butter Ritz crackers and the fudge that she made. When I was little, I’d sneak over to the hutch to grab another handful when she wasn’t looking.

Deep or not so deep discussions gathered around the bar in her kitchen.





Listening to her every morning cough and hack while she looked at the newspaper, pulling out ads she thought would interest me.

Sitting in front of the fireplace to warm up. Or standing in front of the fireplace for pictures.

janets photos 094


Her love of all things brass and then her love of mauve and country blue with all her cute country decor.

Granny for movie - 097

Granny’s lift up chair that all the kiddos wanted to play on. Her chasing kids out of her chair so she could sit down and crochet and watch her show.

*Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.23.2013 - 14c

The probably 100’s of blankets she crocheted sitting in that living room. Many of which my family still has and enjoys to this day.

Oh the memories…I’m thankful that a house is just a house and just because this house is being sold, it doesn’t take away our memories or our love for our Granny.❤️

Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.23.2013 - 44


*Wild,Wild West Trip - 2013 - 7.23.2013 - 57c


Mom, Me, and Sis

Granny - 077


getting ready for prom

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