A Day in the Life::a Tuesday in October 2022

By | October 20, 2022

I always have such great intentions of keeping up with a day so I can write a day in the life post and at some point I forget so I only have half day recorded. I actually did it this time! I love reading these type posts and it’s always fun to look back remember. Here’s what a Tuesday is like for me…

6:30am Every morning I drag myself out of bed, but seeing Kayleigh laying in all the different way she lays never gets old.

2022-10-17 06.30.38

Here she is on a different morning.

2022-09-20 06.29.36

I’m a pretty low maintenance kind of girl, so I spend about 10 minutes doing my hair, makeup, brush teeth, etc!

I gather my breakfast and snack and iced water for the day. Usually let the cat in or out, we can’t seem to get her on a schedule with being in or out.

6:50am Wowsas! It’s cold this morning!

2022-10-19 06.50.03

7:10am I get to work. Print daily task schedules for my students for that day. I find this cart of randomness in the back so I have to investigate that.

2022-09-26 07.42.52

8:00am I try to spend at least a few minutes in the mornings, hanging out with whatever student is working up front.

2022-10-18 08.29.55

9:00am Breakfast and meds/vitamins

2022-10-18 08.29.29

10:30am It was a good hair day, so here’s a pic 🙂

2022-10-18 10.22.14

11:26am Man…hoping it was lunch time. My lunch time is flexible, but I usually like to go between 12 and 12:30pm.

2022-10-18 11.26.54

12:30PM Some days I’m just so tired or sleepy at lunch, so I go home eat a quick lunch and then take a short 20-25 minute power nap. On this day, I had some cauliflower crust pizza that I made leftover that was really good.

2022-10-17 19.48.49

I let Kayleigh in while I’m home for lunch. She always comes to check on me.

2022-10-19 12.41.48

2:30am Snacktime…hummus and bell peppers are so good!

2022-10-18 14.59.00

4:00pm I usually get home around 4 or 4:15. Most days I get home, change clothes, grab the dog, my headphones, and sunglasses and head out for my walk.

2022-10-18 16.24.09

The colors are really starting to show through in my neighborhood. Just gorgeous!

2022-10-17 16.38.25

4:30pm When I get back from my walk, I usually just watch some YouTube and relax for a bit. Then, I try to get some stuff around the house, like catching up on dishes, starting the wash, or just picking up.

6:30pm Around 6:30 I get dinner going. It’s Tuesday, so I did Taco bowls, because I’m cutting ‘bad’ carbs so no tortillas for me.

2022-09-26 19.35.54

7:30pm After dinner Rob and I usually watch a few shows from the DVR.

Katniss has been super needy lately. She will just launch herself into my lap, which she really hasn’t ever done to me. I think she misses the boys…a lot.

2022-10-18 19.49.10

9:30pm Usually around 9:30 or 10, I’ve hit my limit so I head off to get ready for bed.
However, I cannot go to sleep hungry. My body just won’t let me. I’ll end up with a massive headache and tossing and turning for hours. Believe me I’ve tried this too many times. I know they say not to eat before bed, but it’s better for me to just go ahead and grab a snack. Since I’m cutting ‘bad stuff’ this is usually my go to snack.

2022-09-26 17.18.30

I put my sleep timer on my phone, so that after an hour my show will cut off. I love falling a sleep to peace and quiet but over the last year, my mind can’t settle down. The show helps me just zone out and fall asleep faster.

So that there, you have what a Tuesday is like for me. Have you written a Day in the Life post lately? Please share in the comments below and I’ll come check it out!

3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life::a Tuesday in October 2022

  1. Laura

    It’s always neat to see how people spend their days and their routines. Thanks for sharing! Your dog is hilarious!

  2. Joanne

    Good for you! I often forget part way through the day too. That’s what our morning temps look like lately too. I am not loving these cold mornings.

  3. Jinjer

    Yasssssssss I love these day in the life posts!!! I’m dying over the many ways that Kayleigh sleeps!

    Love your hair and your Halloween watch face.


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