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Family Friday {Granny}

Last week, it was kind of quiet around here, because my Granny passed away and we spent part of the week in Texas. She entered the gates of Heaven on Sunday, February 8th. Rob and I flew out to Texas on Wednesday for the funeral on Friday.


Granny was my last living Grandparent, so not only was it hard to lose her, it was hard knowing I now have no Grandparents and I have just 1 parent: my Mom. I never realized when people start losing family members how that really feels. It’s kind of a scary notion. But regardless, I know I’m lucky to have had a Grandmother nearly 40 years of my life.

My Granny has been special to me. I’m sure she felt like she fell second fiddle to my Grandparents that raised me, but I hope she knew that wasn’t the case. My Granny ranked at the top of my list for so many reasons and the older I got the more that was added to that list.

I can’t think about her without saying that she was just absolutely, amazing cook. From her chicken ‘n dumplins to her strawberry pie to her bean and ham soup to her fudge. My mouth just started watering thinking about all that yumminess. Beyond her cooking though, she was just special and I will carry many wonderful memories, some of which I’m going to share with you.

My Granny was the one who when I turned 13, she got permission from my Grandparents that I lived with to take me to get a ‘makeover.’ Since I had just started wearing makeup, she took me to Dillard’s so they could teach me how to put makeup on and what colors would look best. I’m actually embarrassed to say I still have some of that makeup (lipstick and blush).

Granny would come get me everyone once in while and take me out to Chinese for lunch. I remember I always got the Pepper Steak and she got the Moo Goo Gai Pan.

Granny never bit her tongue. She spoke her mind, no doubt. I’ll never forget the time my Aunt Janet came up from Houston. She brought one of those eye shadow makeup pallets that she didn’t want anymore. She gave it to me, so I took it and decided to experiment. I had used some dark grays. Well, Granny didn’t approve of those color choices at all. My Aunt Janet who is a beautician by trade disagreed with her, standing up for me, saying I did a good job with those colors. Needless to say I didn’t feel like fighting that battle anymore, so I went back to my normal colors from then on.

I am so happy to have these memories and so many more of such a wonderful lady.

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