September is one of my favorite months. Beginning of fall, back to school (back in the day when I was a student), cooler weather (hopefully), college football (hopefully), and my birthday month!

It’s time for another currently post, so here we go!

I am really /appreciating/ being able to work from home most weeks. It has been really stressful, trying to get all my new student workers trained and up to speed and these last couple weeks dealing with 34% of my student work force being exposed to COVID. 25% of our staff being exposed to students who were exposed. This means they all have to quarantine for 14 days regardless of their test results. We are down to bare bones, but the library doors are still open and that is what we’ve told to do. Keep the doors open even if we’re not able to have all our services up and running.

I hate that this post so far is all COVID related, but unfortunately I’m /anticipating/ another spike in COVID exposures a week or so after Labor Day at work. Many of my students will go home or will go somewhere and then they’ll come back. I’m actually supposed to be in the office the week after Labor Day. I pray I’m not exposed. I will be keeping my distance and wearing my mask religiously!

I’m /collecting/ new recipes to add to my weekly menus. I haven’t done a great job of sharing new recipes with ya’ll lately. I’d like to tweak a few of the recipes I made the last couple months and share those soon.

I’m /starting/ to get anxious for Fall. Now that it’s September, I’ll probably pull down my Fall decorations. In August, I had the mantel decorated with Auburn decor for Drew’s graduation. I made the Auburn garland and I love how it turned out that I want to make several more.


Today I’ll be /finishing/ my last post about Drew’s graduation weekend. I’m working on the post about our family party. Here’s the 1st two posts in case you missed them>>> Graduation Party  &   Auburn University Graduation Festivities

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