Graduation Party

By | August 28, 2020

For those that may not have seen recent posts, my older son, Drew graduated from Auburn University earlier this month with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration (Marketing). I’m finally able to sit down and start writing these graduation weekend posts! The first party was Friday night we had a come and go (physical distance – but not really) party out in the front yard of our house for anyone wishing to come by and wish Drew congratulations. It was hot, but we survived. Here’s the set up.

Graduation Party





For food, since COVID we just did prepackaged snacks as you can see here. We also had 2 coolers full of gatorade, water, cokes, and beer. Corona Premiere seemed to be the popular choice since there weren’t many of those left.

The man of the weekend and his girl, Caitlyn


Here we are and it feels weird to not have Alex in the pic. I feel terrible that I didn’t have him ask off for work for this night, so that’s where he was.

Drew, Caitlyn and her mom who drove up from Florida for the weekend


With it being the Friday night before school started and COVID, we weren’t sure how the turn out would be. The majority of the folks that came stayed for quite awhile, which was nice because many of these people we hardly ever see.

Drew wanted me to get a picture with him and everyone that came. I did pretty good except we did miss a couple folks.

Caitlyn’s grandparents drove by.

Drew, Caitlyn, and Linds

And this amazing family, who we used to hang out with along time ago!

Rob’s mom and step dad had the banner made for Drew and we got it. They wanted people to sign it, so my brother-in-law, Nick dropped it off Thursday night after picking it up. Here’s one of our good friends telling us a story as he signed it.

There are our former neighbors, who the boys still hang out with their boys on occasion. And their Bama fans so it was a big deal for them to stand in front of the Auburn wall. Such a great family!

Lesson learned: Don’t rely on a Facebook invite to sufficient. I dont’ know why I didn’t email/text people the invitation. Just a total brain fart on my part. I’m wondering if that’s why people I thought for sure would come didn’t…Especially with many people not being on FB much these days.

More pics

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  1. Tanya

    These are such good pictures…what a fun event to celebrate your graduate. I agree about Facebook. I do get on FB almost every day, but there are some things I never see. Have a good weekend.

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