It’s time for another Currently post. I’ll admit these prompts were hard for me.

admiring I’ve recently been watching some YouTubers (Kara and Nate) and their interesting life during this COVID time. Nate mountain biked the Colorado Trail with his brother and a friend. My Dad was an avid cycler and mountain biker who lived in Colorado, so he’s totally been on my mind. I miss him so much, but I’ve been admiring him as watch Nate struggle each day. It makes me think about Dad and his adventures on the Colorado Trail.

Biking Dad

going insane! Ha! No. I don’t know where I’m going or what I’m doing any time soon, which is a bummer. The only place I know for sure that I’m going to is work next week. It’s my week to be in the office.

making I’m going to be making some new Fall recipes to try and to hopefully share with y’all. Look for a post later this week about that.

scheduling I am actually scheduling some Fall posts for the next few weeks. I’ve taken a little break from working on trying to get caught up with all my travel posts to do some Fall posts, because I do love this season of the year.

wishing I am wishing I did have plans to travel. I feel fortunate that we did get to travel back in June, but that was a long time ago. Rob and I had bounced the idea around of going on a long weekend somewhere just the two of us. However, he hasn’t brought that up lately, so I guess he decided to save the money.

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