The Weekly [9.27-10.3.2020]

By | October 5, 2020


Wednesday was my 45th birthday! WOW! Numbers usually don’t really bother me, but man that sounds old.

I had a great birthday. Taking the day off was great. I got a chocolate candy bar (thanks, Alex!) I also go an Echo Dot, a lap desk so my hot laptop doesn’t sit straight on my legs when I’m working in the living room, an Auburn scarf, an Auburn gnome (for my garden). Caitlyn got me the cutest sponge holder for the kitchen.

2020-10-05 14.08.58
Drew and Buster came over to visit.

2020-10-02 11.39.20
With my pick-up order from Walmart they gave me several samples of these Carnival grapes. They literally taste like cotton candy. Really good. Super sweet.

2020-10-02 21.58.00
I’ve recently become a little obsessed with house plants. I’m really wanting some harder to find types of house plants like Monsteras and Euphorbias. Both our Lowe’s and Home Depot don’t have really what I’m looking for. I did find this pretty cool plant nicknamed a Nerve Plant (formal name: Fittonia Argyroneura).

2020-09-29 11.03.24-2
Saturday we hired a professional rug cleaning company to clean the outdoor rug from our back deck as well as pressure washing our front steps and sidewalk. It’s amazing how different it looks.

In an effort to ‘clean out’ the freezer, we pulled out a rack and half of ribs and brined them. Grilled them up. They were yummy!

2020-10-03 18.16.27
I am happy to have my endoscopy over with. I ended up being really anxious about it because there was just the unknown about it would go. Would I really be all the way asleep? That kind of thing. You can read more about that here if interested >>>> Acid Reflux.

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4 thoughts on “The Weekly [9.27-10.3.2020]

  1. Shea

    Happy birthday! It sounds like a fun day and that you got some great gifts! I need a lap desk–my work laptop also gets SO hot. And yum, those ribs look delicious!


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