Corona Bucket List – Update

By | May 20, 2020

Corona Bucket List

It’s been about 50 days since I posted my Corona Virus Bucket List. I thought I’d update to see my progress and determine what is left. I’m pretty impressed with what I’ve gotten accomplished!

Here’s what I haven’t either started at all or haven’t finished…

Make 3 items on my Food Bucket List.

Write 5 travel blog posts.
~I’ve gotten 2 posted!
1 – Mountain West Trip:Day in Yellowstone-Part 1
2 – Mountain West Trip:Day in Yellowstone-Part 2

Complete a Bible Study at home.
~I am doing a Bible Study, but haven’t finished it yet.

Do a family project.
We’ve done lots of projects. Replacing some of our fence in the backyard. Putting up string deck lighting.

Posts 5 new recipes on here.
~I’ve made lots of new recipes, but I haven’t posted any yet. Look for some soon!

Make a Charcuterie Board.

Here’s what I’ve completed! Yay!!

Corona Bucket List

Do a puzzle.
We have done a few puzzles. This Mario puzzle is the 2nd one we did. We are finding that many of our puzzles are missing pieces.

Watch a good movie.
We’ve watched a couple movies since doing our Family Schedule. We each take turns picking movies. We’ve watched Jerry Maguire, which Rob and I had already seen. The movie new to all of

Play a card game.
~We’ve played several card games. Nines and Spades have been our games of choice. And Uno if you count that.

Start a new show.
~I’ve started a couple new shows both on ABC. The The Baker and the Beauty is about a baker who works at his family bakery starts dating a celebrity. It’s cute and different from my norm.
~I also watched the first season of For Life, which is based on a true story about a guy who is wrongfully convicted, is put in prison, and becomes a lawyer while in there.

Play a board game.
~We’ve played Sorry, Auburnopoly, and Balderdash.

~I haven’t done a lot of coloring, but I’ve colored a few of these postcards. I think it would be fun to have a bunch of these colored and send them to people during this time.

Support local businesses by getting take out.
~But of course!

Make a menu with lunch and dinner planned out.

Take a hike.

Walk our new dog, Kayleigh, after we get her this weekend. We’ve gone on lots of hikes and walks around the neighborhood.

Get an Air Fryer. Yep, I got one. I’m working on a post about what I’ve learned so far.

Find some fav new blogs to follow.
~Here’s some I’ve recently found and love:
Diary of Nicole Alicia
Slices of Life

So I’ve got a couple things left and I know there’s stuff I want to add. I just need to jot them down and add them so I don’t forget.

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