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Here are my Friday Favs (5ish random things I’m loving right now) for this week….

Sometimes in my little head, I think surely things I follow or know about are known by everyone that’s interested in them. Then, I think what if I know something people don’t know about, but would find useful? Well, I’m trying to wrap my mind around that concept and I’m going to start sharing more. Sharing is caring! Not only for YOU, but also for the person who I’m sharing about, right?

Well, I have followed Rita for years. I believe when I first started using Adobe Photoshop, I came across her blog Y’all, this is a treasure trove of great resources most anything photography. Adobe Photoshop Actions/Presets, Lightroom Presets, Storyboard/Collage Templates, and so much more. I believe it is all free unless you want to download everything at once and there’s a donate button, of course.

I’m enjoying the intentional time with family most evenings. Check out our weekly activity schedule>>>>Making the Most of Your Time at Home during COVID

Next week I’m posting one of our favorite recipes. Back when I used to work nights and Rob had to do the cooking this is one of the recipes he found and adapted. We’ve loved it ever since. I’ll be posting this recipe for Chicken & Sausage Bowtie Pasta next week, so keep an eye out for the recipe. Updated with Recipe link>>>
Chicken Sausage Bowties

I am loving how we have made a little oasis on our back deck by adding patio furniture. Before COVID, we did some repair deck because we did some looking and at some point we’re going to have to start from scratch and rebuild it. So in the mean time we just replaced some of the planks for safety. We had to replace some of our fencing because it was falling apart. We also added patio string lights. Since March I’ve been outside to garden, which is a new thing. All of these changes of made us want to be outside more.

We finally purchased patio furniture this passed weekend. Rob and I are enjoying it so much. It’s been decently cool for May and just now starting to get hot. The bugs have been minimal as well. I do need to get some citronella candles.
This is the only ‘before’ picture that I have. This was taken from our balcony above the main deck.

2020-05-01 19.18.21

I don’t have a pic right now from the same angle. I’ll try to get a pic of that later for better comparison.

2020-05-13 18.09.11

2020-05-13 18.10.09

2020-05-13 18.23.20

What are you favorites from this week? Hope everyone has a great weekend!