Making the Most of Your Time at Home during COVID

By | May 14, 2020

A couple weeks ago after watching church online, since we had everyone gathered around the TV in the living room, Rob brought up making a schedule for our family. Now each of us pretty much follow a daily schedule of our own to ensure we get things done, but when Rob and I stopped and thought about the weeks that had already gone by and the time that was ‘lost’ it made us realize we needed to do something. Now it wasn’t really lost, because I assume that we were all doing things we enjoyed whether it be together or by ourselves. However, our kids are old (22 & 16) and the time at home with them is slipping through our fingers quicker than I like to think about. So I was glad when Rob decided to use that Sunday morning to discuss coming up with a weekly activity calendar.

I wrote everything down as we discussed it.
Making the Most of Your Time at Home during COVID

1 – first we made a list of all the things we wanted to do (Activities)
2 – we decided how often we wanted to do them (How often?)
3 – then, we took that info and decided which days to do each activity (Weekly Schedule)
4 – to take some of the stress out of trying to decide, we took the things that needed to be decided and assigned each person a day with each of the activities (Game Night/Phys. Act./Movie Night) Now not everyone is going to like the game or the movie that is chosen, but we all agreed to not complain about it. We’re still working on that one!

I ended up putting all this in my phone on the Notes app and sharing it with the fam so they could refer back to it if needed.
Making the Most of Your Time at Home during COVID

Last week was the first week for us to do the schedule and it was a lot of fun. Here’s a few pics I snapped.

Game Night
Game Night - 2020-05-06 21.42.47

Game Night - 2020-05-06 22.08.32

Karaoke Night
Karaoke Night - 2020-05-07 22.18.02

Karaoke Night - 2020-05-07 20.55.07

Karaoke Night - 2020-05-07 22.50.07


I know this isn’t rocket science or anything. I just want to do a better job of sharing what we’re doing not only to help me remember. I hope if anything it may spark an idea for you or help you to find a way to spend bring your whole family together earnestly. I would love to see what type of family schedules you’ve come up with during COVID!

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