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By | March 20, 2020

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It looks like we’re going to be having a lot of time at home because of the Corona Virus Pandemic. On March 17th, we started working from home. We also got word that the public schools will extend their Spring Break through April 10th. That’s when our work from home time is supposed to end as well. With all this “at-home-ness” happening, I hope to be able to get some stuff done that I typically wouldn’t have time for so, I decided to make a Corona Virus Shelter-in-Place Bucket List.

Do a puzzle.
Watch a good movie.
Play a card game.
Start a new show.
Play a board game.
Write 5 travel blog posts.
Complete a Bible Study at home.
Make 3 items on my Food Bucket List.
Do a family project.
Support local businesses by getting take out.
Make a menu with lunch and dinner planned out.
Take a hike.
Walk our new dog, Kayleigh, after we get her this weekend.
Make a Charcuterie Board.
Get an Air Fryer.
Posts 5 new recipes on here.
Find some fav new blogs to follow.

I will come update this and maybe even add stuff to my list as I think of it. What’s on your Corona Shelter-in-Place Bucket list?

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