Happy Christmas Eve, everyone! I really wanted to get this posted way before now, but man, I’ve just been busy. You would think having this week off that I would have so much ‘free’ time, but honestly, we have stayed busy with last minute shopping, wrapping gifts like Personalized Christmas Gifts, baking, and catching up on some everyday life stuff.

Anyway, today I’m sharing my Christmas decor for this year. Honestly, I thought I’d dome more of these post through the years, but it doesn’t look I’ve really done any dedicated Christmas decor posts since 2008! Geez!

Let’s start outside!
I think I mentioned this before, but Rob decided to replace as many outside lights as we could afford this year. We usually hang icicle lights along the house, but they never hang straight and he just was ready for a change. What we didn’t realize until right before trying to purchase lights is that there’s a Christmas light shortage this year! With COVID, everyone is wanting to be extra, which meant more folks bought up nearly all the Christmas lights every where! We decided to stop at our local Ace Hardware and got so lucky that they had a large inventory. We also upgraded our 2 outside lit wreaths to larger ones, which meant we could put the 2 smaller wreaths on the playroom windows.

See the 2 larger wreaths on top and the smaller wreaths on the bottom? You might be able to see a red light in between the 2 windows, which is from our neighbor across the street that has Christmas projection lights that end up shining on our house too.

When you enter the front door, just inside the entry way to the right you’ll see this Christmas tree and Santa. I got the Christmas tree from the thrift store several years ago and I had grand plans of up-cycling it. However, I really love the way it looks just like this with the Santa in it.

On the entry way table, I’ve got this lit glass tile present.

These three beautiful wooden trees were hand made by our friends as a gift this year.

This Santa and sleigh sit on the entry way table.

I DIYed this little picture that I put in the entry way.

To the left you’ll enter into the “front room”.

This is “Rocko” that Rob just had to have when we were at Lowe’s looking for Christmas lights. I mean we need a light up Corgi in our front room next to the Christmas tree, right?

These are the bookshelves near the Christmas tree. A few years ago I decided to add the lit garland on top of them. I’ve slowly added decorations in with the garland. I love the Santa Gnome. The Santa on the far left and the elf on the far right were my Grandparents that got past along to me.

On the piano, we have the Christmas village, which is usually lit. However, the stran of lights didn’t work this year.

Next to the piano is this shelf that used to display my clown collections. This year I decided my clown collection doesn’t bring joy like it used to, so I packed up a lot of those. For Christmas I removed everything and made it Christmas-y.

Here’s Kayleigh under the tree.

As you walk through the front room, you’ll look over into the living room.

When you’re in the living room, this is where we sit and watch TV. In front of our TV on the TV stand and the speaker on each side of that I have lit garland running along knick knacks.

Here’s my double tiered tray that sits on the speaker. I decided to not do anything ‘extra’ with it. I just made it a display for my snowmen.

Below are all the things that sit in front of the TV. “Merry Christmas”

Rob’s step mom gave us this a many Christmas’s ago.


When I was a student at Texas Tech and lived in the Coleman hall, my grandparents sent me this. My Granddad printed a little label above the door that says “Coleman Hall.”

This year I decided to put all of our Auburn Christmas figures and things on the mantel.

Downstairs in the playroom you’ll find the Auburn tree.The night Rob was busy putting up the Christmas wreaths on the 4 windows, I was putting setting this up.

There are lots and lots more Christmas decorations in every room, but honestly I don’t have pictures of everything. Plus, this post would be a mile long. 😉 Hope you enjoyed this little tour.

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