Why Your Family Should Eat More Plant-Based Foods

By | October 12, 2021

There is so much to think about in raising and keeping a healthy family. What we eat and what we feed our kids is often not put very high on the priority list. Here is some great information on why we should eat more of a plant-based diet!

Why Your Family Should Eat More Plant-Based Foods

Plant-Based Foods Reduces Your Risk of Cancer

Did you know that women who ate 1.5 servings of red meat daily were 22 percent more likely to develop breast cancer than women who only ate red meat once a week?

Another report by the World Health Organization placed processed meat products like bacon and hotdogs in the same dangerous category as smoking and inhaling asbestos fibers.

That’s alarming, isn’t it? Nothing is quite as worrisome as knowing that you could be unintentionally “poisoning” yourself and your family and increasing your risks of developing terminal illnesses. With multiple studies showing a link between high red meat consumption and various types of cancer, it is important to have options.

Plant-based diets can provide you with adequate protein that will provide the nutrition you and your family needs, while keeping you alive and in great health for a long time.

Lowers the Risk of Developing Heart-Related Conditions

Heart disease is the country’s leading cause of death and is mostly caused by the kinds of foods people eat on a daily basis. Yet studies have shown that a plant-based diet can help prevent or reduce the risk of developing heart-related conditions brought on by eating a lot of animal-based foods.

This is because plant foods are rich in fiber and essential nutrients which are capable of preventing or reversing certain heart conditions. They are also effective at lowering your cholesterol levels and blood pressure; two key indicators that can lead to a heart attack.

Lowers Systemic Inflammation

Inflammation in small to moderate amounts can be good for your body, as it helps you fight off diseases, repel “alien” parasites, and accelerates the healing process. However, when it becomes the primary state of your body, then you have a problem.

The interesting thing is you can push your body to this perpetual state of inflammation by eating a lot of processed foods. Think about this the next time you feel like eating a burger or any type of junk food.

If you feel like you need a snack, look up the many plant-based snack recipes and make one. And just because it’s plant-based doesn’t mean that the food has to be boring. It can be just as tasty as the average high-calorie snack. For instance, with a little creativity, you can make classic vegan gingerbread cookies, vegan burgers, and other tasty snacks for the family.

The key nutrients, antioxidants, and phytochemicals in plant-based foods cannot only neutralize inflammation, but can also boost your immune response, and increase your body’s ability to fight off diseases effectively.

Minimizes the Odds of Becoming Diabetic

When most people think of diabetes, they only think that it’s caused by taking excess refined sugars. But numerous studies have shown that even regular carbs can cause type 2 diabetes. For those who are diagnosed with such, they can take remedies such as CBD Oil UK.

All it takes is eating high glycemic index foods. These are foods that cause a huge spike in blood sugar to the point where there’s insulin resistance. When your body can’t produce enough insulin to break down the carbs or convert them to fat, you’ll become diabetic.

Processed foods typically have a high glycemic index, and when they’re taken over a long period they can contribute to high blood sugar. Some studies have shown that even red meat consumption increases your risk of diabetes.

With plant-based foods, your risk of becoming diabetic is lower because these foods typically have a low glycemic index and are rich in fiber. Therefore, they’ll only release the sugars in moderate amounts so you never have to deal with a blood sugar spike. Diabetic people should have a reliable source of supplies for diabetics to manage their symptoms.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what plant-based foods can do for you, make sure to adopt or incorporate them into your meals. This way you and your family will be able to live longer, enjoy a healthy life and avoid unnecessary illnesses.

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