Simple Steps Towards Switching to a Vegan Diet

Veganism is on the rise and increasing numbers of people are deciding to try veganism out themselves. Now this can feel like a daunting or intimidating step, but switching to vegan now is much easier than it may have been in the past, thanks to increasing demand for vegan products. Vegan basics are more widely available and people are also becoming more aware of the reasons to go vegan. Here’s some more information on the subject, as well as some top tips and tricks to help you make the switch if you like!

Understanding Veganism
If you’re going to switch to a vegan diet, you need to know what veganism actually is. To put it simply, when you go vegan, you adopt a way of living that excludes the use and consumption of any products that contain animals, animal matter, or is tested on animals.

Why Go Vegan?
There are a number of reasons that people go vegan. Some people go reason for one reason, some people go vegan for a combination of reasons. The main reasons tend to include:

For the animals – Many people go vegan for the animals. At the end of the day, when you eat animal products or purchase products derived from animals, the animals come to harm. For meat and fish, animals have to be farmed and killed. For dairy, animals live a life that is dedicated to serving humans – sometimes not in great conditions. Male baby dairy cows are also often slaughtered, as they do not produce milk but are not the best candidates for meat. For eggs, male laying chicks are slaughtered, because they cannot lay eggs but haven’t been bred to have the ideal qualities for meat. Not to mention that animals are forcibly bred. That’s before we get onto the subject of factory farming.

For the environment – Other vegans make this lifestyle change for the environment and the plant. Animal agriculture is the biggest producer of methane emissions in the world. Deforestation occurs to make land for animals that we consume to live on. Transport of these animals produces many emissions as well.

For health – A healthy, balanced vegan diet can often prove healthier than a diet containing animal products. There are various studies into this area and many people consequently adopt a vegan diet for their individual health.

Going Vegan
Here are some key pieces of advice for anyone considering going vegan!

Look for alternatives of things you already eat – Many people make the mistake of thinking that going vegan means they can’t eat any of the things that they love anymore. This isn’t true. Whatever you used to eat, chances are there’s a vegan alternative available – from vegan pizza to vegan snacks.

Learn Some New Recipes – You may want to use this lifestyle change as a chance to learn some new recipes. There are plenty of delicious vegan recipe sites out there. Find several to pick and choose from. If anything they can be a bouncing board to get your head thinking more about meatless recipes.

Make Sure You’re Sourcing Your Nutrients Properly – You’re going to have to source the nutrients you previously found in meat, eggs, and dairy from plant based sources. This takes a little getting used to, but can quickly become routine.

As you can see, switching to veganism could be a great option for you. Hopefully, some of the above advice helps you along the way!