Week 40 [2021]

By | October 11, 2021

Week 40, yall! Can’t believe we just finished off the 1st full week of October (Oct. 4-12, 2021). How’s everyone enjoying Fall so far?

We’re back to doing Weekly family Game Night. Sequence is one of our favorites.

2021-10-04 20.35.28

Katniss and Kayleigh have been hanging out like this more lately. They’ve always gotten along, but this is sweet.

2021-10-04 21.16.28

My birthday present from Rob was tickets the Ziggy Marley concert. I love Reggae. The concert was a tribute to Ziggy’s dad, Bob Marley. So good!!

2021-10-06 20.15.42

Rob had a conference that started Friday, so he left early Friday morning. Alex and I are holding down the fort until Wednesday when Rob gets back.

Here’s Drew with his friend, Joe before the Georgia game. Joe left for Hawaii for several months as he will be stationed there for military duties. (Picture courtesy of Joe’s mom)

2021-10-09 13.06.06

The boys went to the Auburn – Georgia game. Win or lose we love being Auburn Tigers! (Picture courtesy of Drew)

2021-10-09 17.03.09

Sunday after church I went over to Drew and Caitlyn’s apartment and showed them how to use their Kirby to clean the carpet.

2021-10-10 14.52.23

Caitlyn made some yummy bread and here’s Drew with it. (Picture courtesy of Caitlyn)

2021-10-10 18.22.18

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