What I Watched on YouTube – Fall 2021

By | December 4, 2021

These last few months (September/October/November) I’ve been finding myself watching more YouTube. I love reality TV, and that’s pretty much what YouTube is. So no wonder I love it so much!

What I Watched on YouTube


Kara and Nate
The Endless Adventure

What I Watched on YouTube


Homemade Wanderlust
Julia Sheehan
Darwin on the Trail
Becca “Little Skittle”

What I Watched on YouTube


Eamon & Bec
Michel Janse
The Wads
Mr. Kate
Shelby Church Vlogs
Shelby Church
Monica Church Seattle Real Estate
Monica Church
Isabel Paige
Kaylah Stroup
Morgan Yates Vlog
Morgan Yates
Shea Whitney

What I Watched on YouTube


Daily Dose
Vlog Creations
Living on a Dime to Grow Rich
Neisha Love It
Videos about Gabby Petite’s case
Ziggy Marley videos – songfest for concert
Videos about the Alex Murdaugh case
Videos about Stockpiling and Prepping for food shortages

What I Watched on YouTube


Sarah of the North
Justin Rhodes
A Good Life Farm
The Fit Farmer
Whispering Willow Farm
Roots and Refuge
The Hollar Homestead
VW Family Farm
Sow the Land
The Southerner’s Northern Garden
Appalachia’s Homestead with Patera
OB Farms

What I Watched on YouTube

Van Lifers

Christan Schaffer
Lost Renegades
Samantha R Olmsted

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