Week 9::2023

By | March 10, 2023

Still playing catch up, because all those wedding posts took awhile! The week after the wedding (Feb. 27-March 5, 2023) was still a pretty busy week. I was so tired of my living room still looking like this:

2023-02-27 09.00.51e

Monday I spent a good part of the day going through all the boxes and reorganizing everything. Most stuff just got thrown in boxes with no rhyme or reason. I also started washing the table clothes.
2023-02-27 14.08.50

Mid morning, I got a text from Rob’s mom that they were in town and wanted to stop by. So when they got to the house, I stopped what I was doing and chatted with them for a couple hours. Then, we decided to meet Rob up at the church where there was leftovers from the wedding reception dinner.

Before that I dropped by Alex’s apartment to pick up his tux and shoes so I could drop them off with all the other tuxes after lunch. We invited church staff to come eat the leftovers, because as you can see there was a lot of food leftover.

2023-02-27 12.12.05

Meanwhile, Rob and I had been texting with the newlyweds as they were getting on the cruise for their honeymoon. Here they are with their first meal of the honeymoon. So cute!

2023-02-27 11.35.57

They also sent us these 2 pics of their cabin decorated that was a surprise from us.

2023-02-27 12.50.47

2023-02-27 12.50.28

I loved when this popped up on my stories on my social media.

2023-02-27 15.34.44

Alex and Madison came over that afternoon and hung out.

2023-02-27 19.00.01

We had Bigsby at our house until Saturday night when they got home from their honeymoon. He always wants to play with Kayleigh.

2023-02-28 18.04.28

Wednesday Loving all the signs of spring.

2023-03-01 16.55.11

Friday evening, I was just chilling, watching some YouTube. Rob called and said there was a weather delay for the baseball game and that he was meeting some of our friends at a Waffle House and asked if I wanted to join. I did. It rained so hard on my way there. The problem is is that my windshield wipers need to be replaced, so it was a strenuous drive across town. This guy was sad he couldn’t go.

2023-03-03 17.40.17

2023-03-03 17.55.30

Saturday Rob and I took Bigsby and Kayleigh on a good 2 mile walk. Bigsby requires a lot of walking and we did a terrible job with that while we was at our house. We at least ended on a good long walk.

Rob and I went to the basketball game and baseball game. The bad part was that I got a migraine during the walk and it just got worse. The basketball game was so loud and really made my head pound. There was time between games so we walked over to Chick-Fil-A. I couldn’t eat it all because I was starting to feel nauseous. I ended up taking some muscle relaxers, because most of my migraines stem from my neck issues. Luckily at the baseball game, it went away. I was happy to find sunglasses in Rob’s car. Cool reflection in them.

2023-03-04 16.17.54

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