Thursday – Wedding Week

By | March 2, 2023

Thursday, Rob and I got up and put the table seating sign together. We had it designed where the tables could be updated and switched out, because you know there is always people can’t come at the last minute. However, by Thursday there wasn’t going to be time to update and reprint the table sheets. It was going to be that way even if more people couldn’t come.

After that on our schedule was to go get the tea and put it in the fridge at the church. We ended up at Kroger.

From there, it was time to deliver welcome bags for hotel/out of town guest. We dropped a couple off at Caitlyn’s grandparents house first. Then we went to 6 hotels in the area. We ended up over near Tiger Town and needed to grab lunch, so we decided to try the new Walk-Ons. It was pretty good. Food wasn’t super hot, but they haven’t been open too long. Hopefully that will improve as they work out the kinks.

2.23.2023 Walk-Ons - BeReal

2023-02-23 11.51.54

Meanwhile the rest of Drew’s groomsmen got to the lake house for the main bachelor party night later that day.

And Caitlyn and her bridesmaids were having lunch and wine tasting at a nearby winery.





Next on the list was to load everything and bring it to the church. Thank goodness for Rob’s brother, mom, and step dad who came to help load and to fill their cars up as well. It took all 4 of our cars!

2023-02-23 14.29.25

We got everything unloaded and then had to get the table positioned the way we wanted. That took awhile, but people were calling us and popping in. I was so thankful that when Caitlyn’s grandparents came to drop something off, they asked if we needed help. I was like, “We need someone to steam some of these table clothes!” So her MawMaw got to work and steamed for several hours. I told her to do just he display tables. I said let’s not worry about the tables that would have chairs around them. Most of those, I had put in the dryer to get the big creases out of, so they weren’t really bad. However, most of the display tables were straight out of the package and huge creases that needed work.

2023-02-23 16.25.28

I put Rob’s step dad and Caitlyn’s PawPaw on candle/battery duty.

2023-02-23 16.23.56-1

We stopped for a dinner break and walked over to Little Italy for a quick bite. Rob’s step sister, Jill and her daughter met us, but by the time we got there, Rob, Nick, and I were ready to head back to the church. Still so much to do! Although we were running ahead of our schedule. TG!

Caitlyn and her girls had dinner at Acre.


And then drinks on the Laurel Rooftop Bar





These pics were taken on the green space between to the Rane Center and the Hey Day Market.



The help we had from family and friends this entire weekend was such a blessing. We literally could not have pulled this off without them. When left that night just before 10pm, we had to room pretty close to being done. Still a few display tables to deal with. We also still had buffet tables (which were in the commons area outside of that room), the social hour area (in the Mathison Lobby), and the sanctuary to set up. However, none of this could be done yet because of a funeral that was occurring Friday afternoon.

2023-02-23 21.33.40

I was a little stressed about not being able to do any of that, but it was out of my control. I did feel really good about the wedding venues and reception hall being almost done. We were so exhausted though. I looked at one point to see how much I had walked, because that room is huge and I kept having to go back and forth. I ended up at 19,441 steps that day!!

6 thoughts on “Thursday – Wedding Week

  1. Natasha

    Thank goodness for other people who were able to help. You got an amazing amount of work done and I bet you slept really well that night after all those steps.

  2. Joanne

    What a lot of work you guys did! I remember doing much of this type of stuff for my own and my sister’s weddings; it is a lot of work but so worth it in the end.

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